What’s new with MedlinePlus, Go Local, and nihseniorHealth Medical Library Association

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What’s new with MedlinePlus, Go Local, and NIHSeniorHealth

  • Medical Library Association

  • May 14 - 19, 2005

  • San Antonio, TX

New for MedlinePlus

  • Nearly 500 million page views per month

  • Over 51 million unique users per month

  • New features

    • Animated tour in Spanish
    • Resource page for Librarians and Trainers
    • American Hospital Association Directory
    • Health Check Tools
    • Organizations listed by topic
  • Collaboration with AARP and VA

Tour en español

For Librarians and Trainers

  • Tours

  • Two sample tutorials (English & Spanish) for demos when no Internet connection is available

  • Links to MedlinePlus

    • Health topic - Evaluating Health Information
    • Guide to Evaluating Health Information
  • Public Libraries and Community Partners (from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine)

Find a Hospital

Health Check Tools

  • Quizzes, calculators, and self-assessments

  • Listed under “Health Check Tools” on each topic

  • Entire list also available from Health Topics tab

  • Also in Spanish

Organizations by topic

  • List and links to organizations producing consumer health information

  • Find link on “Other Resources” (home page or tab at top)

Collaboration: AARP

  • AARP launched health portal on August 23

  • Licensed Healthwise, Medicare Interactive

  • Customized links in Healthwise to MedlinePlus health topics

  • Home page links to tutorials, directories, clinical trials, NCCAM

  • Reference/Web staff trained volunteers

AARP Health Guide

MedlinePlus and My HealtheVet

Growth in MedlinePlus use

American Customer Satisfaction Index results

Go Local Update

  • Go Local project links local services from health topics

  • 19 Go Local areas in various stages of completion

  • Sites either independent or NLM supported

  • NLM Management system up and running

Keys to success

  • Institutional/organizational commitment

  • Dedicated staff

  • Services, not health information

  • Vigilance

  • Community outreach and partnerships

  • Feedback, evaluation and improvements

Go Local NN/LM Funding

  • Must be an NLM-approved Go Local project

    • Local organization must fund the half-time staff requirement.
    • One time funding up to $25,000 will be available to each go local participating area.
  • Prerequisites

    • NN/LM Full Member
    • NN/LM Affiliate Members must:
      • Partner with a Full Member, or
      • Have a health sciences librarian working on the project.

Current Go Local Projects

  • Go Local sites in various stages of completion

MedlinePlus Go Local Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Participation Guidelines

  • NLM Hosted System Training

  • Vocabulary

  • http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/

  • golocalresources.html

Go Local Input System

Navigation from MedlinePlus

Navigation in Go Local

Go Local Indiana page design

National directory information for non-Go Local states

NIHSeniorHealth The Web Site for Older Adults

  • http://nihseniorhealth.gov


  • New features

    • printer-friendly version allows users to print full topics or selected chapters
    • updated accessibility buttons provide more text size choices and clearly show whether contrast and speech are on or off
    • a new message reminds users to turn off their browser pop-up blocker
    • Exercise stories from Seniors

Exercise Stories

New Topics

  • Taking Medicines

  • Diabetes

  • Shingles

  • Sleep and Aging

  • Low Vision


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