Water plays a vital role in a human life. Nowadays, one of the most imperative problems for environmentalists is the water contamination

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Water plays a vital role in a human life. Nowadays , one of the most imperative problems for environmentalists is the water contamination. This essay will discuss the reasons for the problem and examine some of the possible effects it will have on society.

One of the crucial reasons for water pollution is a direct disposal of industrial waste into surface water. Since industry revolution , many factories have been discharging toxic chemical compounds into water supplies. Even these chemical molecules are buried , they can permeate through soil and mix into groundwater which is able to induce the most disastrous problems in the future. The oil spill , a disaster which happens when crude oil is leaked from a petroleum tanker is another essential factor for water pollution. Recently in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP operated platform the most significant amount of oil was dissipated into ocean which is considered to be the largest marine oil spill in the petroleum industry and the largest water contamination in the world.

There are some severe impacts on humans and animals’ life . First of all, waste which is released by factories has a drastic effect on animals , specifically on endangered animals . Water contamination subsequently destroys the ecosystem , which culminates in the loss of habitats habitant, nutrients for aquatic animals , leading to extinction of them. In addition to the loss of nutrients and habitats, marine animals can suffocate in water on account of plastic waste which covers a surface of water. Furthermore , tainted water can bring about fatal illnesses , effecting liver and kidney or at least make vulnerable to some diseases. Infectious Infections can be spread through contaminated water , Water-borne diseases account for the death of more than three million people a year.

In conclusion, water pollution is one of the main concerns all over the world. Waste of factories and oil spill are primary reasons for water pollution and it can cause degradation of animals and humans’ life quality .

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