Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (uaw)

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Thorough and selective.

Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound 

Debridement (UAW).




Chronic wounds

  Leg ulcers

  Diabetic foot

  Pressure ulcers 


Acute wounds

  Infected wounds

  Accident wounds


  Post-oP wounds

For chronic and acute wounds: 

effective removal of biofilms and 

non-viable tissue.

UAW is a modern procedure for wound debride-

ment and the cleansing of wounds. The targeted 

use of physical effects enables debridement that

while convincingly effective, does not damage 

healthy tissue. This makes its use particularly attrac-

tive, for instance, for wound areas that are difficult to 

reach. If fibrin tissue or biofilms form anew in chro-

nic wounds, these can be regularly and completely 

removed with UAW during the course of periodic 

wound  cleansing.  Thorough  biofilm  detachment 

makes the procedure highly attractive for use in sep-

tic surgery in such areas as the treatment of infected 

wounds or the preparation of split-skin grafts. 

  Quick and safe handling

 Effective removal of biofilms and devitalised tissue


  Preservation of healthy tissue

  Can be used by doctors and nurses

  Cost-effective thanks to completely reprocessable handpieces

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