Twinbrook baptist church

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Those present: Rev. Jill McCrory, Jack McCrory, Bill Damiano, Mark Cain, Alan Krum, Regina Gaither, Pauline Bryan, John Harris, Lois Harris, Evelyn Smith, Lois Frick, Gladys Donoghue, Sally Ann Rogers, Deb Rickman, Stevie Neal, Jim Campbell, Shirley Campbell

Opening Prayer: Pastor Jill


  • Leadership Slate- A new leadership slate for Twinbrook Baptist Church for the year 2015 was discussed. Mark Cain’s term for church clerk is ending so this slot has become vacant. Also, Steve Rogers as moderator-elect and Sally Ann Rogers as hospitality have stepped down from their positions leaving these two slots vacant. Bill Damiano has graciously accepted as hospitality. The new leadership slate for 2015 was presented by Pastor Jill and is as follows: Moderator: Regina Gaither, Modeerator-Elect: Mark Cain, Treasurer: Deb Rickman, Church Clerk: Alan Krum A motion was made to approve the leadership slate by Sally Ann and the motion was carried. No second was needed because this was approved by the church council.

  • Treasurer’s Report and Budget- These were presented by Deb Rickman. Utilities were our biggest expense. We are surviving as a church but Twinbrook is NOT in dire straits. It was noted that a pledge is an oath given to the church. Pledge cards will be given again this year to the congregation. A motion was entertained to accept by Pastor Jill. Sally Ann made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report-motion carried. No second was needed because this report already approved by the council. The budget for TBC was discussed at length by the congregation. It was noted that Pastor Jill is not initially getting a raise this year with a review concerning this in six months. Also noted was a new mission for the church-AWAB which is $200.00 per year. A motion to approve the budget was made by Mark Cain with a second by Regina Gaither-motion carried.

  • AWAB- To officially align with AWAB was thoroughly explained to the church congregation. In order to be mentioned on gay websites as an affirming church, we need to be affiliated with AWAB. A motion was made to officially align with AWAB by Sally Ann Rogers with a second by Mark Cain. The motion was carried to officially align with AWAB.

Much discussion was made as to what the ministry of Twinbrook Baptist Church should now be. We want to present a message that relates to this generation and the second generation. The question is why we do what we do. Do we widen our approach? “Pub theology” takes the conversation outside of the church. One of our strengths is that anyone can question and we welcome that in our church. We, as a church in the coming months and years, will learn to SOAR! Also, it was mentioned that on the 29th of November a craft fair and bake sale will be held at the church. The meeting was adjourned with the closing prayer by Pastor Jill.

Yüklə 13,33 Kb.

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