Transport Logistics

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Transport Logistics


Transport Logistics



Globalisation and advances in information and communication technologies are reshaping the world’s

trading patterns. Today’s internationally competitive businesses work through strategic, integrated

global networks designed to deliver efficient and high-quality response to demands from anywhere in

the world. This trend has given rise to the terms "global logistics" or "supply-chain management". 

In addition, growing environmental concerns require that logistics should not only be efficient; they

should also contribute to sustainable development.

How do governments understand the current state of logistics systems? Do we share a vision of

desired global logistics networks towards which governments can work? What are the barriers to

achieving efficient and sustainable logistics networks?

The OECD TRILOG project aimed to provide insights into these key issues through an exchange 

of experiences relating to freight transport logistics in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North American

regions. This report attempts to identify constraints and address issues common to the three regions,

and suggests possible solutions and approaches that could facilitate the development of policies to

promote efficient and sustainable international logistics.


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