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Copyright Cambridge University Press 2012 
Cambridge Checkpoint Science 

Each plant organ has a particular function or functions. Here is a list of functions.
absorbs water absorbs energy from sunlight holds plant in the soil makes food makes 
seeds for reproduction supports leaves and flowers
Write each of these functions in the correct box on the diagram. (Some boxes may contain more then 
one function.)
Worksheet 1.1

Copyright Cambridge University Press 2012 
Cambridge Checkpoint Science 

The diagrams show some of the organs in the human body.
1 Colour each of the organs according to the organ system to which it belongs.

respiratory system 

digestive system 

nervous system 

circulatory system 
2 Cut out each organ.

Copyright Cambridge University Press 2012 
Cambridge Checkpoint Science 

3 On one of the outlines of the human body (on page 3), stick the organs belonging to the 
respiratory system and digestive system in the correct positions. (You’ll need to stick some of 
the organs over the top of others.)
4 On the other outline of the human body (on page 3), stick the organs belonging to the nervous 
system and circulatory system in the correct positions.

Copyright Cambridge University Press 2012 
Cambridge Checkpoint Science 

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Copyright Cambridge University Press 2012
Worksheet 1.2 
Cambridge Checkpoint Science 

Read the information about arthritis. Then answer the questions.
Many people get arthritis as they get older. Arthritis makes joints feel painful and stiff.
Arthritis happens when the cartilage covering the bones at a joint gets damaged. It 
becomes rough, instead of being smooth and slippery. Sometimes, the cartilage is so badly 
damaged that it does not cover the ends of the bones. Each time the bones move, they rub 
against each other.
The joints that are most often affected are the knees, fingers and hips. Artificial joints are 
sometimes used to replace damaged joints. Artificial joints are made of metal and plastic. 
One metal that is often used is titanium. This metal does not react with the fluids inside 
the body. The surfaces of the artificial joints are very smooth.
1 Describe what happens to a joint to cause arthritis.
2 Explain why arthritis makes it more difficult to move a joint.

Copyright Cambridge University Press 2012
Osteoarthritis initially affects the smooth cartilage lining of the 
. This makes movement more difficult than usual, leading 
to pain and stiffness. Once the cartilage lining starts to 
roughen and thin out, the tendons and ligaments have to 
work harder.
3 Explain why titanium is used to make artificial joints.
Because they show excellent corrosion resistance and good 
hard-tissue compatibility
(bone formation and bone bonding 
4 Explain why the surfaces of artificial joints must be very smooth.
The main reason for replacing any arthritic joint with an artificial joint is to stop the bones from rubbing 
against each other. This rubbing causes pain.
Cambridge Checkpoint Science 

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