Tom courtenay) introduces Harry Deane (colin firth) and his intricate plot to gain revenge on his boss the flamboyant Lord Lionel Shabandar

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Clip 1. Retired serviceman turned artist Major Wingate (TOM COURTENAY) introduces Harry Deane (COLIN FIRTH) and his intricate plot to gain revenge on his boss - the flamboyant Lord Lionel Shabandar (ALAN RICKMAN).

IN: This is the…

OUT: …nicely into place.

DUR: 1’ 26”

(Contains ‘Shitbag’, ‘turd’)
Clip 2. In media-tycoon Lionel Shabandar’s (ALAN RICKMAN) ostentatious office, fine art expert Harry Deane’s (COLIN FIRTH) plan is coming together as he is summoned to inspect a possible sighting of a much sought after Monet painting.
IN: Deane. Sit down…

OUT: …Puznowski. Think, man. (laughter)

DUR: 0’ 39”
Clip 3. In the back of a limousine, Harry Deane (COLIN FIRTH) welcomes Texan-cowgirl and heist accomplice PJ Puznowski to London, offering her a glass of champagne and a brief history lesson en route.
IN: Welcome to London…

OUT: …Texas. Your Grandfather.

DUR: 1’ 04”
Clip 4. En route to Shabandar’s (ALAN RICKMAN) country pile, Harry Deane (COLIN FIRTH) and Major Wingate (TOM COURTENAY), continue to brief PJ on the plot and Shabandar’s obsession with ‘Haystacks Dusk’.
IN: His ownership of…

OUT: …course, oh yes,

DUR: 1’ 31”
Clip 5. At Shabandar’s (ALAN RICKMAN) luxurious but garish mansion, Harry Deane (COLIN FIRTH) inspects the forgery, with the billionaire’s purchase hanging on his expert opinion.
IN: So, what do…

OUT: …enough for me.

DUR: 0’ 50”
Clip 6. At a seedy Texan bar PJ Puznowski is approached by Harry Deane (COLIN FIRTH) with a business proposal. Major Wingate (TOM COURTENAY) looks on.
IN: Mr. Deane, for…

OUT: …said get lost! (SFX: bar brawl)

DUR: 0’ 31”
Clip 7. Back in London, Harry Deane’s (COLIN FIRTH) meeting with Lionel Shabandar (ALAN RICKMAN) to discuss the apparent discovery of ‘Haystacks Dusk’ doesn’t pan out as he had optimistically envisaged.
IN: Look here Deane…

OUT: …wall, in Texas.

DUR: 1’ 04”
Clip 8. Harry Deane (COLIN FIRTH) attempts to convince Lionel Shabandar (ALAN RICKMAN) to pursue the potential discovery further.
IN: So shall we…

OUT: …it’s elementary. Prat.

DUR: 0’ 36”

Contains: ‘prat’
Clip 9. Having finally secured a meeting between PJ Puznowski (CAMERON DIAZ) and Lionel Shabandar (ALAN RICKMAN), Harry Deane’s (COLIN FIRTH) scheming plot appears to be coming together.
IN: I want twelve…

OUT: …short and curlies.

DUR: 1’ 02”

Clip 10. At the reception desk of London’s lavish Savoy Hotel, Harry Deane (COLIN FIRTH) raises some eyebrows as he attempts to secure the feisty PJ Puznowski (CAMERON DIAZ) a room.

IN: Hello, do you…

OUT: …very good sir

DUR: 1’ 22”

Clip 11. Over a lavish meal, Lord Shabandar (ALAN RICKMAN) introduces PJ Puznowski (CAMERON DIAZ) to his newly hired art curator, the eccentric Martin Zaidenweber (STANLEY TUCCI).

IN: Martin Zaidenweber, this…

OUT: …man on Monet.

DUR: 1’ 22”

Clip 12. Lionel Shabandar (ALAN RICKMAN) flirts with PJ Puznowski (CAMERON DIAZ) over a glass of champagne in his extravagant limousine.

IN: You’re a bit…

OUT: …us get down.

DUR: 0’ 33”

Drop 01. This is the story of Harry Deane DUR: 22”

Drop 02. 800,000 dollars American DUR: 14”

Drop 03. Ain’t we crabby this morning DUR: 18”

Drop 04. A person without vision DUR: 20”

Drop 05. How is the Major? DUR: 19”

Drop 06. Moments that define a man DUR: 13”

Track 01. ‘Ain’t That A Kick In The Head’ DUR: 1’ 24”

Performed by Masashi Fujimoto

Taken from the album, ‘Gambit’

Written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn

Track 02. ‘Let’s Go Rodeo’ DUR: 2’ 11”

Taken from the album, ‘Gambit’

Track 03. End Titles (Instrumental) DUR: 1’ 56”

Taken from the end credits of ‘Gambit’

Composed by Rolfe Kent

Reasons For Selection

  1. Introduces the story and characters – nice intro to the farcical tone of the film

  2. First full scene featuring Lionel Shabandar – stations will enjoy Alan Rickman’s entertainingly over the top performance

  3. Illustrates Harry Deane’s optimistic plot, will appeal to stations who want succinct explanation of storyline provided by Colin Firth

  4. Provides the context to Shabandar’s motivation as an art collector (continuation of clip 3)

  5. Further insight into Harry Deane’s naïve view of Shabandar, more of Colin Firth

  6. First scene to take place in reality, a good starting point for stations who want to juxtapose Harry’s dream-situation with the reality

  7. The first scene to illustrate the reality of Shabandar’s business acumen, showcases Rickman’s dryly dismissive performance

  8. Highlights Shabandar’s relative nonchalance toward the painting – more amusing put downs from Rickman with the end of the clip suited to radio

  9. Flirtatious relationship between Puznowski and Shabandar emerges. Clip contains all 3 lead actors, good for stations looking to highlight star turns

  10. Humorous innuendo, suited to stations who appreciate tongue in cheek humour

  11. Introduction to Martin Zaidenweber, suited for stations who want to highlight Stanley Tucci’s involvement

  12. Continues Shabandar and Puznowski’s flirtatious relationship, nice, light hearted interaction between Rickman and Diaz

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