"tin-a-tus" or "Tin-eye-tus"

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Dear Provider

Tinnitus (“TIN-a-tus” or “Tin-EYE-tus”)

Many patients feel that there is no hope for them when they suffer from tinnitus or “ringing in the ears”. Often times they are told that there is nothing that can be done to relieve their discomfort, which is NOT true.

Tinnitus is a symptom of an underlying problem. Typically the problem is hearing loss but sometimes it can be caused by other physical, emotional, or cognitive impairments. There is no cure for tinnitus at this time.  However, there are treatment options available. According to the American Tinnitus Association, “treatments address the attentional, emotional, and cognitive impact of tinnitus. They help patients live better, more fulfilling, and more productive lives, even if the perception of tinnitus remains”.

To find the best treatment for your tinnitus we will first need to determine if there is an underlying condition.  There are a variety of treatments for tinnitus and we will be happy to outline them once an audiological assessment is complete.  A few common treatments include:

If you have patients with reported complaints of ringing, buzzing, humming, chirping, or any other subjective noises, please refer them to Good Sound Audiology for a full audiological and tinnitus evaluation.

Thank you,

Tanya Karg, Au.D.

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