Thesis standard format

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non standard thesis case study ERGASH (3)

Group: 407
Student: Juraev Ergash
Case study: Narrative. Non-standard Thesis Structures

Some student may have some mistakes in writing thesis. Such as, they can not identify the differences between standard and non-standard writing.

Thesis standard format

  • Introduction

  • Copyright Page

  • Dedication, Acknowledgements, Preface (optional)

  • Table of Contents

  • List of Tables, Figures, and Illustrations

  • List of Abbreviations

  • List of Symbols

Non-Traditional Formats
Font type and size, spacing and indentation, tables, figures, and illustrations, formatting previously published work.

  • Internet Distribution

  • Open Access

  • Registering Copyright

  • Using Copyrighted Materials

  • Use of Your Own Previously Published Materials

  • Submission Steps

  • Submission Checklist

  • Sample Pages

  • The first page of each chapter (including the introduction, if any) begins 2″ from the top of the page. Also, the headings on the title page, abstract, first page of the dedication/ acknowledgements/preface (if any), and first page of the table of contents begin 2″ from the top of the page.

  • Non-traditional theses or dissertations such as whole works comprised of digital, artistic, video, or performance materials (i.e., no written text, chapters, or articles) are acceptable if approved by your committee and graduate program. A PDF document with a title page, copyright page, and abstract at minimum are required to be submitted along with any relevant supplemental files.

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