Theme Financial reforms of business entities Nazarov N. N. department of «finance»

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Theme 1

Theme 1. Financial reforms of business entities

Nazarov N.N.

department of «FINANCE»


  • Concept and main types of business entities.
  • Organizational forms of business in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Essence of enterprise finance and their financial relations.
  • Functions of enterprise finance.
  • Principles of organizing the finance of commercial enterprises.

Business entities are mainly understood as enterprises that carry out commercial activities and operate in various organizational and legal forms. An enterprise is the main unit of production, economic and commercial activity, an independent economic entity that manufactures products, performs work and provides services in order to meet social needs and make a profit. Enterprises create material wealth, perform work, provide services, create jobs, participate in the formation of budgets of various levels and extra-budgetary funds.
characterizes the company, owned by one person or a family in which all the assets and liabilities of the company are both personal property and liability of the owner. The sole owner has unlimited liability or unlimited liability for the debts and other obligations of the firm. 
is a company, which is owned by two or more people. They are called partners and jointly own the capital of the company. Partnership agreements usually specify how decisions are to be made and how the firm's profits and losses will be allocated. Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, all partners, as in the case of sole ownership, bear unlimited liability for obligations.
called the company, which is a separate legal entity, acting separately from its owners. Corporations have the right to own property, borrow and enter into contracts. In addition, the rules for taxation of corporations and two other organizational forms of business differ.

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