The usa’s Education System

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The USA’s Education System

It is compulsory for people in the USA to get the education when they are five to eight years old that ends when they are sixteen to eighteen years old. You probably have known that it is public, private, and home schools that provide the education in the USA. Local, state, and federal government fund the education. The standards of the education are set by the state governments, who also set and supervise the standardized tests for the public school system—K12.

Public schools are free to have their own education standards. However, some regulations from the State Governments in the USA still have to be applied by public schools.
The USA’s Compulsory Education
Elementary School
• Middle/Junior High School
• High School
American people can get compulsory education from public schools, private schools, and home schools. Children of five to six can go to kindergarten first. After that, they can go to the first grade until the twelfth grade when they turn seventeen to eighteen years old. After finishing their high school, American people can continue to a college or to university. It is up to them if they want to continue their study to get a higher degree. There are many colleges and universities in USA, and many of them are internationally famous and prestigious. See more explanation below.
Generally, the admission to enter schools in the USA is based on High School GPA (Grade Point Average), Extracurricular Activities, ACT or SAT exam scores, Written Essay, High School course, and an interview. Most universities will also check if their students-to-be have taken certain courses as the preparation to be continued in the universities. The admissions also consider GPA very important since it can show them how well the potential students are in high school.
The activities the potential students had in their high school, such as athletic teams, art club, scholastic club, theater club, etc, can be the things that the admissions take into consideration. Obviously, students with those kinds of activities will have the skills of leadership and teamwork. Some schools set certain standard like SAT and Act scores for their students to earn the admission. Writing an essay with a specified length and topic is a must when applying to a university.
Some of you may be unfamiliar with the word undergraduate, which is the same with Bachelor Degree. Students who try to earn their Bachelor Degree are called undergraduate students. The university where they study may require them to take courses in various disciplines before they choose their major study field as their specialization. To get an undergraduate degree, a student should fulfill some credits determined by the university where he/she studies. Undergraduate students don’t have to write a final thesis.
Students in their pursuit to get Master’s and Doctoral Degrees will have one study field that they have been studying from the very beginning. The students in their pursuit to get a Master’s Degree are called graduate students. Before graduating, they are required to write a final thesis. Doctoral students will have to do both oral and written components to qualify the doctoral exams.
After passing the exams they will go to their candidacy and have to start writing their dissertation. After they finish writing the dissertation, they have to present it orally to the committee handling candidates and prepared with all their questions. If they pass the presentation, the university will give them a doctoral degree.‌‌
The education system in America is not the worst in the world. However, there are certain parts of the American education system that need to be paid attention to. By doing this, the United States of America will be able to solve any issue that the education system might have.
Students are one of the most important parts of the education system. If you want to know what is wrong with the system, then you need to know from the people who are experiencing it. Here are some of the things that American students have to say about the education system in the United States of America.
Putting a lot of pressure on students might not be the best idea when it comes to school. Currently, American students feel like there is a lot of pressure on them to do perfectly well in school. This kind of pressure exists because of the expectation to get into a good college.
Sure, adding pressure can be motivation. However, putting too much pressure can lead to a lot of stress on the students. This will also make the learning process less effective since students become more focused on getting good grades than actually learning something. So, this is a very important thing that you need to know about education in USA.
A school is a place where students should be able to learn about everything they need to know. This includes how to face real life when they have graduated. Unfortunately, American schools currently do not teach students how to prepare themselves for real life.
A lot of American students feel like they are clueless about the world. They graduate feeling very unprepared for real life. This is because the schools in America do not teach their students how to pay taxes or other technical things like that. And this can potentially be a problem in the fuIn the education system, teachers have one of the most important roles. Without teachers, schools will not be able to run smoothly. Schools will not be able to run at all. That is why the prosperity of teachers need to be paid attention to if you want to improve the education system.
Sadly, the current American education system does not pay much attention to its teachers. Even the students say that the teachers do not get the kind of support that they should get. Because of this, the quality of teachers in the United States is also terrible. This is a very huge issue that policymakers need to fix.

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