The Effects of afta on Macroeconomic Variables and Poverty: Evidence of Laos

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1. ASEAN+China 

The development of ASEAN-China trade and economic relations can roughly be divided into 

three stages (Jianglin, 2007). The first stage, covering 1967 to 1990, was an important 

moment to build mutual understanding and trust. The mutual understanding between ASEAN 

and China was gradually strengthened through bilateral activities in the late 1970s and early 

1980s when China dramatically changed its foreign policy. China formally agreed to have 

diplomatic relations with all ASEAN members by 1991. The second stage, covering 1991 to 

2001, was the rapid improvement of political and economic relations between China and 

ASEAN. In particular, in 1997, both sides issued a joint declaration on building a good-

neighborly partnership oriented to the 21


  century. The third stage, starting from 2002 to 

present, is to enhance the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area by 2010. In 2004, all ASEAN 

members unanimously recognized China’s full market economy status and signed the 

Agreement on Trade in Goods of the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic 

Cooperation with China. In July 2005, the ‘early harvest trade in goods’ programme came 

into effect. In 2007, both sides signed the Agreement on Trade in Services. These 

arrangements have reinforced economic relationship between ASEAN and China. 

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