The Economic Strategi of Food Security

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The Economic Strategi of Food Security

The Economic Strategi of Food Security
Poverty is the main cause of the problem of food security in Indonesia. This is related to the level of the economy, purchasing power, and the low level of income of the people so that they are unable to meet their own food needs. The economic strategies to support food security in remote areas is by rising the local food commodities to reduce dependence on rice consumption. Government policies in providing sustainable food security is needed to speed up utilization local food commodities. Food diversification is a solution to overcome the dependence of Indonesian people on one type of food, namely rice. The other sources of staple foods that can be diversified include breadfruit, sweet potatoes, taro, sago, potatoes and corn..

Development of processing and management of local food commodities is aimed at increasing the availability, quality and diversification of food to meet the needs of quality, diverse and affordable food consumption at the household level. The development of household and small scale industries can increase community income, reduce unemployment and poverty so that it can support food security. The development of local small food industries can be done through training, coaching by partner industries regarding the use of food processing technology, production, marketing to promotion.

Increased transportation facilities and infrastructure to marketing of agricultural products. It will reduce transportation costs and market margins, as well as shorten product distribution channels to increase community income and investment opportunities. Besides that, for the development of local food commodity agribusiness, a good wholesale market network is needed. It will facilitate the distribution of agricultural commodities so that price disparities between regions are minimized and will help producer regions during the "Over Supply" to be able to distribute to other regions with a fast and safe trade mechanism. The existence of the Main Market is expected to form a fairer trade mechanism, so that the distribution of income from agricultural products is more equitable.
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