Test on English 6

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Test on English 6

Test on English 6

1. Geoff works too much. I think he _____ take it easy.

A) must B) have to C) should D) don’t have to

2. There’s a wonderful new restaurant opened in town. You _____ go there.

A) shouldn’t B) must C) don’t have to D) should

3. Joanna Trollope _____ a lot of books. She _____ her first in 1980.

A) wrote / wrote B) has written / wrote C) had written / wrote D) wrote / had written

4. “I’ve had a terrible toothache for weeks.” “You _____ go to the dentist.”

A) have to B) would C) shouldn’t D) should

5. You _____ do the washing-up. I’ve got a washing machine.

A) should B) have to C) mustn’t D) don’t have to

6. They liked the hotel because they _____ do any cooking.

A) have to B) had to C) should D) didn’t have to

7. I _____ swim when I was three. A) could B) can C) have to D) must

8. She _____ work on Monday. It’s her day off.

A) must B) doesn’t have to C) have to D) shouldn’t

9. You _____ sit so close to the TV. It’s bad for your eyes.

A) don’t have to B) have to C) shouldn’t D) can

10. I will have a bath _____ I go to bed. A) when B) if C) before D) until

11. I’m coming to London tomorrow. I’ll ring you _____ I arrive.

A) before B) when C) until D) if

12. _____ it is a nice day tomorrow, we can go swimming.

A) If B) Until C) When D) Before

13. Wait here _____ I get back. A) until B) before C) as soon as D) when

14. _____ you have any problem, just ask for help.

A) When B) After C) Before D) Until

15. I’m very busy _____ the moment. A) in B) on C) by D) at

16. They _____ here for three years.

A) lives B) are living C) live D) have been living

17. We _____ breakfast in bed.

A) were have B) has C) was having D) had

18. _____ John give you those flowers?

A) Did B) Have C) Was D) Is

19. They didn’t remember my birthday but you _____ .

A) have B) don’t C) did D) does

20. Mary never _____ the washing up.

A) does B) has C) did D) is









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