Terrell Patton Reflective Essay

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Terrell Patton

Reflective Essay

College Composition (wise)

As I watched the movie “The Mummy” I analyzed the fact that some of the areas, events, and names in the movie were based off of factual information. Because of this fact the movie intrigued me which to me made it very interesting. I also noticed that there were also some fake instances in the film, or at least to my knowledge they were fake or I haven’t heard about them at all. Such as the character Anck Su Namun, Pharaoh Seti I and the other character Imhotep. I have never read of or heard of these two characters in ancient Egyptian history so that led me to the conclusion that things that seem real may not be and vice versa. So this movie led me to find the answer to my question, which parts of the film are real and which are fake and how they are real and fake. So I began with the people of the time set in “The Mummy. Further research of the characters in the movie told me that some of them are in fact real. The real person that caught my eye the most was Pharaoh Seti I.

In the movie Pharaoh Seti I played a small part in the movie but he caught my eye the most. Mainly because in the movie Imhotep and Anck Su Namun showed him no respect and easily killed him without remorse, but in the ancient Egyptian religion Pharaohs were considered gods and all mighty. Also women did not have as much free will as Anck Su Namun did in the movie, in the movie during the foreshadowing of the setting it shows how the plot was set telling us that Anck Su Namun was the mistress of the pharaoh and no one was to touch her, but the High Priest Imhotep still did and therefore if caught would be killed. Imhotep when found out had no choice but to kill the vcroh and in turn the pharaoh’s bodyguards gave him the worst fate ever.

In that small excerpt of the movie where Seti was the reason for the plot had also came in to play. Which was why and how Imhotep became “the mummy” of the story. What his plan’s were which were the same from the get go when he was captured and mummified, which was to resurrect his love Anck Su Namun. How he was to do it by regain the book of the dead from the tomb raiders that had took the book in the first place. To resurrect his love which was the pharaoh’s mistress he had to have a sacrifice so he kidnapped Evelyn Carnahan otherwise known as Eve, and that’s how the story began. With Rick O’Connell traveling across Egypt and the Sahara Desert into the city of Hamunaptra.

This movie had some astonishing visuals and details of artifacts that as told in history for Egypt, were often seen, large amounts of gold, very in depth tombs, also what seems to be the right wardrobe for the time in the flashback it showed were all done very great to me. Some would say that if you were to shoot a film about the time that that would be mandatory to have all that to show but I feel like Universal Studios and the director Stephen Sommers went more into detail with the whole aspect of Egypt. This movie was more of a mix between a documentary and action movie, it was as informative in some instances but it also held its viewers entertainment with all the destruction and action. Which is another reason why I also enjoyed watching this film, because its the same thing as I stated in the introduction.

The fact that this movie can incorporate and intertwine truthful details with things of their own imagination and still keep their viewers attention is exceptional. It is as if the Mingleling the myths and stories of Egypt with the facts and descriptions of ancient Egypt. Creators of this movie had their own view of ancient Egypt and the way they told this story in the film it would make you feel that if your idea of Egypt and the city of Hamunaptra was not the same as theirs then it was wrong. At least that is the way I felt when viewing the film, that this is the way it had to have looked like or been back in the ancient times. Whoever the mastermind of the movie was they were very creative in showing that aspect. Of course there are a few things in the movie that went over board in reality, but they still played an important role in the story. Like the mummy of Imhotep coming back to life and sucking the life out of people and causing world chaos. Another outrageous thing is how a weakened and ill equipped Rick O’Connell survived the desert lost and alone while people fully equipped for the desert and know there way around don’t always make it through alive. Especially after him being the lone survivor of the battle that had just taken place before he was left stranded, I felt that that was too ironic. However things like these that were considered outrageous set the scene for the movie and were the reason why the movie was so great and had two sequels to it that also did good in the press box sales.

Mainly speaking I believe that the movie is worth seeing for both the non-believers and the believers because it plays both sides of the field. But with that it also has a downfall for both viewers. The film will keep you interested as you watch it, but it will also inform you and let you know things about Egypt that you never would have thought or even knew existed. I believe that every person that saw the movie learned something new Egypt while enjoying it and that is why I think that people should go see this movie if they have not already.

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