Task3 Grammar and vocabulary. Do not touch Go take Do not spend Do not pay in, use A: visit B: go take Task 4 Writing

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Task 2


  1. If we look at the text, we can see many discussions about psychology and psychiatry. There are written many comparison about them in the text. Although, If we can look at the text carefully, we can define easily their minus and plus sides.

  2. If you needed a prescription for an anti-depressant like Prozac, you would have to go to a psychiatrist; a psychologist could not write the prescription in most places.

  3. Performance on maze rat is trained, with the food reward, to run through the maze in less than 10s without entering the side arm.

  4. “Differences and comparisons between psychology and psychiatry”

  5. There are some terms related to psychology that are frequently confused with it. A psychologist cannot write the prescription in most places.


Grammar and vocabulary.

  1. Do not touch

  2. Go take

  3. Do not spend

  4. Do not pay in, use

  5. A:visit

B: go take

Task 4


In the contemporary world ,the choice of a career of profession is not easy. It has become all the more difficult for want of enough services. First of all, contemporary techniques and fashions affect to this process. Most of the young people in search in job are groping in problems. They may come across indecision , because of the improving popular techniques and advertisement in the internet. In addition to this, the increasing problem of unemployment has further cons of the situation.

To conclude, the young people feels hopeless and disappointed. The youth should be careful this point of their life. Because that is very fruitful aspect.
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