Target learners

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Target learners

  • Target learners: 2 female students who studies at the Inter nation learning center where I am currently working . Their level is intermediate. They got CEFR B1. In this learning center , English classes occur 3 days a week from 1 .5 hours and posses 6 classes.

In each class, interactive methods, moreover, deductive method ( for the explanation ; teacher-centered) together with inductive method( for the activities ;student-centered) are utilized.
My students have specific preferences related to each topic which means that they can understand thoroughly. They are: Visuals which my students are able to take information with using diagrams, maps and pictures. Otherwise,they would become perplexed. That is the reason why I created the diagrams for the purpose of it.

  • Relative clause;-relative pronoun+ subject+ verb-=function like adjectives and add additional info about a noun

  • Passive voice;- subject+ verb( past participle) + by (doer).

  • Prepositions; - verb+ prep; noun+ prep; adjective+ prep

  • Phrasal verbs ; transitive +inseparable_separable

Intransitive( no direct object).
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