Subject: New customer

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Subject: New customer
My name is Sadig and I am an Amazon seller. I came across with your wholesale store on website, have checked your goods and can say that your goods really are great. I look forward to getting in contact with you.
I would like to work with you but unfortunately I am not a company. In order for Amazon to accept the goods which I’m going to buy from you, could you please enter my home address on the invoice?
If you could to do this, then initially I would buy goods for USD 500.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Sadig Sahmuradli
Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear “Flankəs”,

When I registered with Amazon I indicated my Azerbaijani home address and the same address should be on all my invoices.
The procedure of buying goods from you:

  1. I order goods from you.

  2. You put my home address on the invoice which will accepted by Amazon.

  3. You send ordered goods to the prep center nearest to you (I’ll give you the address later).

That’s all
I look forward to hearing from you.
Have nice day!
Kind regards,
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