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Erika Weigmann

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World premiere:
Innovative Tinnitus Therapy in Hearing Aids
First Notch Therapy built into hearing aids

Effects of tinnitus may even disappear

Additional tinnitus functions available
Sivantos is the first manufacturer in the world to integrate Notch Therapy against tonal tinnitus in hearing aids. The exclusive feature enables the hearing care professional to program the hearing aids in such a way that tinnitus sounds are relegated into the rest of the soundscape and therefore no longer disruptive. This method offers the opportunity of permanently removing the awareness of annoying noises in the ear. Its effectiveness has already been proven1. Signia Notch Therapy complements the tinnitus functions already integrated in all Signia hearing aids that use the current primax platform. These functions, which have already been tried and tested, distract from tinnitus by way of fluctuating or static therapy signals.
Signia hearing aids provide relief for tinnitus patients with or without hearing loss. People with hearing loss can not only hear better with the hearing aids - this alone distracts from the disturbing tone and brings relief - but they can hear even better than those with normal hearing in certain situations with competing ambient sounds2.
Unique in the world: Notch therapy in hearing aids

With its integrated Notch Therapy, Signia hearing aids are the world's first and only hearing aids proven to be effective1 against tonal tinnitus, the most common form of bothersome ear noises. After the initial fitting of the Signia hearing aids, the hearing care professional identifies the frequency range in which the tinnitus sound is located. The professional double-checks the identified frequency before activating the chosen notch within the programs. The hearing aids then ensure that the tinnitus sound harmoniously integrates into the normal soundscape. In contrast to conventional tinnitus functions, Notch Therapy generates no additional sound. Instead, the frequency range in which the tinnitus is located is amplified in a unique way without restricting good hearing and speech comprehension. In this way, the brain can learn over time to disregard the tinnitus sound completely. As studies have shown, 65% of test subjects were able to improve their tinnitus perception with the help of Signia Notch Therapy.1

Fluctuating or static distracting sounds also available

Notch Therapy complements the tried and tested Signia hearing aid options that distract from tinnitus with fluctuating or static sounds. The four types of fluctuating signals grouped under "Ocean Waves" are reminiscent of sounds of the sea. The "Paradise Beach" version was developed in collaboration with the world-renowned specialist in tinnitus therapy, Prof. Pawell J. Jastreboff, Visiting Professor at University College London. Alternatively, five static therapy signals can be selected, such as so-called “Pink Noise”. These fluctuating and static signals remove the listener’s focus on the tinnitus sounds and provide effective relief, especially in situations with little or no ambient noise.

The right strategy in every situation

With three different therapy functions, Signia hearing aids offer the most comprehensive technology against tinnitus. In an everyday acoustic environment, Notch Therapy relegates tinnitus into the background without generating any additional noise. This allows the patient to focus more easily on their daily activities. In a quiet environment, such as reading a book, fluctuating or static sounds can prove effective distractions. And because the perceived strength of tinnitus changes, the hearing aid wearer can quickly and easily adjust the tinnitus function as well as the volume of the therapeutic signals as required in their particular situation by using the free touchControl app (for iOS and Android) on their smartphone.

All three functions can be adjusted by the hearing care professional using the proven Connexx software. They are available in all behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear hearing (ITE) aids on the primax platform, even in the especially discreet ITE Signia Silk, which disappears almost invisibly in the ear and can be fitted without an imprint. Like all Signia hearing aids on the primax platform, it provides impressive sound quality and demonstrably reduces listening effort3, in addition to the innovative tinnitus functions.
More information is available at

1Powers, L., dos Santos, G.M, & Jons, C. (2016, September). Notch Therapy: A new approach to tinnitus treatment . AudiologyOnline, Article 18365

2Two independent clinical studies have shown that binax can even exceed normal hearing in certain challenging hearing situations (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hearing Center, 2013)

3Study at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, testing the effectiveness of new features of the primax platform using ongoing collection and analysis of data via EEG while the study participants performed language tests. A significant reduction in hearing effort was demonstrated when the primax features SpeechMaster and EchoShield were activated.

Contact for journalists:

Erika Weigmann

Tel.: +49 9131 308 3449; E-mail:
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World premiere: The innovative Signia Notch Therapy provides relief from tonal tinnitus.

Copyright: Sivantos

Tinnitus: The hearing care professional provides relief with Signia hearing aids, the world's first hearing aids to hide tonal tinnitus through the use of Notch Therapy.

Copyright: Sivantos

Signia Notch Therapy against tonal tinnitus is integrated in all hearing aids with the primax platform, even in the particularly small ITE Signia Silk.

Copyright: Sivantos

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About Sivantos Group

The business operations of the former Siemens AG hearing aid division have been combined into the Sivantos Group since early 2015. Sivantos can look back on more than 130 years of German engineering and countless global innovations. Today Sivantos is one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers worldwide. With its more than 5,000 employees, the group recorded revenues of 933 million euros in the fiscal year 2015/2016 and an operating profit (Adj. EBITDA) of 221 million euros. Sivantos' international sales organization supplies hearing care specialists and sales partners in more than 120 countries. Particularly high value is placed on product development. Sivantos aims to become the market leader in the coming years with its brands Signia, Siemens, Audio Service, Rexton, A&M, HearUSA and audibene. The owners of Sivantos are the anchor investors EQT along with the Strüngmann family as a co-investor.

Sivantos GmbH is a brand license holder of Siemens AG.

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