Sales Internship (m/f) in our branch in Hungary from 1st of September, duration 10 weeks Job responsibilities

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Thousands of agricultural machinery dealers and importers, spare part dealers and manufacturers of agricultural machinery throughout Europe rely on the service of Kramp. And with good reason. As the biggest European distributor of the spare parts for the agriculture, forest and grass and OEM we are characterized by efficient logistics and a wide range of services. The secret to our success? Our employees. In a culture of free space each employee takes personal responsibility and brings his personal strengths for the company's success. Short distances, open doors, flat hierarchies and a personable relaxed atmosphere. This makes Kramp and our more than 2,400 employees are satisfied!

Within the further strategic orientation of our dynamic company we are looking for a professionally convincing character to fill the position as:

Sales Internship (m/f)

in our branch in Hungary

from 1st of September, duration 10 weeks

Job responsibilities:

  • visiting agricultural dealers with the account managers

  • supporting the work of product specialist/ customer specialist

  • work closely with the Area Sales Manager

  • actively participating in the daily work, help solving the daily task of sales team

  • successfully executing weekly, monthly task, delegated by team member

  • gaining experience and having insight into our business till end of internship

Required skills and qualifications:

  • degree in agricultural machinery/ degree in  agricultural economics with strong technical background

  • knowledge of farm operation and agricultural machines and spare parts 

  • high intrinsic motivation and ability to work independently

  • entrepreneurial way of thinking

  • communication skills and relationship building skills

  • strong analytical skills

  • good computer skills

  • high travelling ability

  • upper intermediate English is a must

  • know-how of the Hungarian agriculture spare parts market would be advantageous

What you can expect:

  • a challenging internship in an expanding, ambitious company that offers room for personal development and entrepreneurial thinking

  • great atmosphere and committed employees

  • after the successful participation in our internship program , which will be closed with an appraisal you will get the opportunity to become active part of Hungarian sales team and Kramp Group.

Is the role of any interest to you?
If so please send us your application in English language indicating a possible start date and your salary requirements to:
Kramp GmbH, Anna Sagasser, Siemensstr. 1, 96129 Strullendorf,
Yüklə 8,46 Kb.

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