Report about my practical training

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Report about my practical training Xojanazarova G

Report about my practical training.

This report describes and explains my journey of internship training at No 32th School within 12 weeks to fulfill the requirement for language system.The training started from 10th October 2023 and ended on 25th April 2023 with estimated duration of 12 weeks.

I experienced new tasks, work cultures and values in English among other subjects. . Initially, I did not felt difficult and challenging to adapt with the new environment and the work nature, but eventually I managed to adapt and keep learning from my fellow groupmates at NSPI. While completing the internship, some of my ideas were rejected and some were modified and these experiences helps me to improve myself better and prevent from repeating the same mistakes. My supervisors always give constructive whenever I did some mistakes and I found that it is quite helpful for me to learn and adapt with the new environment. I learned that as a human being; it is normal to make mistakes but somehow we can avoid the mistakes from happening twice by following the procedures. Other than that, the internship program exposed me on how the company runs which is totally different from what being taught in the classroom. I faced with shorter due dates during the internship training which helps me increase my work productivity and critical thinking when creating a new content or completing the task given. Moreover, I’m able to improve my self-confidence and responsibilities towards the task given during the internship period. This can be considered as a preparation for me before starting my future career path. In a nutshell, I believe that this Integrated Internship Program at school provides me with various work experiences, work cultures and work values which is crucial for me to begin with my future career path. By completing the internship training I believe that this program helps the student in adapting and preparing with the real working environment.
There are different studients, active passive. Also their characters are different. It is difficult to give the same attention every one. However, I try to do it. There are some open and clos lessons. I describe one of my teaching process in thw following paragraph.
On November 28th I conducted open lesson for 6t grade pupils on the theme Happy Birthday. This group of pupils were great!. All of them demonstrated eagerness to learn. I tried to organize my lessons according to the teachers’ lesson plans. While conducting the lesson , I used various types methods and tools like Power Point Presentation, handouts ,textbooks and colorful pictures. Selecting and developing the suitable materials plays such a central role in planning the lesson because they effectively mediate between the course content, the teacher and pupils. After the lessons I marked pupils in It made me feel responsible as a society of school , class leader who is able to lead something. It was also great experience for me .

On april17th I organized demo lesson for 8th grade pupils on the theme Technology. I explained them the importance of technology and gave them various tasks. All the pupils participated actively. The grammar theme of the topic is future simple tense. Our supervisor Zamira Serjanova observed my lesson and pointed out her feedback after lesson.

This training provides the student with various real working experience, environment and work load. Through this internship program I learnt to prepare ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally during the time of need. Furthermore, the student learn to survive in real working environment with various experience they been through during the internship training. All of these experience will help the students when they begin their real career in the future.
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