Re nting a private a partme nt

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websites have low prices. especially int* inter. 't is helpful ta read the on linere•ukws' 15efore the accommodation, popularoption tor a weekendbreaki to rent anapaftment in an

Re nting a private a partme nt

3 vri tten 'ks.c@tion of something to of 1ent a small m athinethal makes chthuvmothand tat


46, 1 Match •he holiday typesan the len with their descriptions the right.

1 a cruise L] a aholidaywhpre there are activities hr children as well as adults holiday C] b holiday in the mountains

3 holiday atwlWaywhere sle. on a boat andira.vel from oneplue to another

5 family holiday e aholidaywhereyou stay near the sea 6 citybreak f on unusual, holiday. some danger, e.g. rack climbing or. alking in the)ungle

46.2 the dialoweswith frm' B

: Shall we book some.' here for our

Whatafr)ut this hotel? ihasgreatz _online. Piue stars!

nulH: prefer sornenhe„rea bit smaller, with breakfast included. +8": OK, in the countryside.

l•lava you fOund anc yet?

hotel was included in the price.

46.3 Circb the wordsfromg and C to complete ea eh •ntenee.

1 Marlytr&vellers prefer toöteketheirholiday online, ratherthafi on the phone.

Spain is among British holiday-makers.

  1. package /weeken:i Eyeok, you don•thave to book flightsseparately.

  2. The 'posswwddoesn'tsay if it has wi-fi Or not. We'll haveta email them. 5 The is broken and Sari' C bthesareall cresed.

6 The so through the winter

46.4 Lookat C Corre ct the

I When you arrive, pitkøeEthekeys from the desk, 2 1 recommence renting a car, as public transportisnot uerygmd.

  1. The nearertrain station is a five minute walkavuay

  2. The •wi•fi passparl Awrittenon apieceol paper next to thecomputer,

6 TO Switch Out the aircanditibfiing, press this button.

Over to

An swer •HI ese questions, If youranswers with someone else.

l, 'Nut type 01 holiday from Ado you preler2

2 Do read hotel reviews b efore you book m jiVhere do you like io stay when you travel in a tot in a 8&Borin a private ap utn-»eni?

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