Quasimeme workshop Analysis of Chloroparaffines

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Analysis of Chloroparaffines

Ostend, Belgium, 18-19 March 2010

Co-organisers: Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University, Amsterdam; Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models, Oostende.
Purpose of the Workshop

Chlorinated paraffins are currently of utmost importance to the environmental analyst. They are being produced in high volumes, they are under discussion in UNEP to be possibly defined as persistent organic pollutant, and they need to be analysed by European countries within the Water Framework Directive. However, the analysis is far from validation, as the paraffins are highly complex. The purpose of this workshop on the analysis of chlorinated paraffines (CPs) is to discuss the available methods and where possible to improve the quality of the analysis of these contaminants. Also, the need for interlaboratory studies and certified reference materials will be discussed.

This workshop will be held at the Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models (MUMM) in Ostend, Belgium. This workshop is organised by QUASIMEME, in collaboration with the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) of the VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The workshop will be beneficial for technicians and scientists working in the field of analysis of CPs in environmental matrices.

Date and venue

Date: 18 March 2010 (9.00-17.00 hrs) and 19 March 2010 (9.00 to 12.30 hrs)

Venue: Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models, 3de en 23ste Linieregimentsplein, Ostend, Belgium

The workshop will cover all aspects of the analysis of CPs in environmental samples including:

  • Sampling

  • Extraction and clean up

  • Instrumental analysis

  • Quantification

  • QA/QC

Key-note speakers

Dr. Gregg Tomy (Environment Canada), highly experienced in CP analysis, will give a keynote presentation on methods for CP analysis. Other presentations will be given by Prof. Dr. Jacob de Boer (IVM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), and Dr. Patrick Roose (MUMM, Ostend, Belgium), and by a representative of the European Institute for Reference Materials and Methods (IRMM), Geel, Belgium.

Your contributions and your questions

There is room for contributing lectures and posters. For submission of abstracts, see under registration. When you have specific questions on analytical issues, please send them to the QUASIMEME Project Office prior to the workshop, together with your registration, so that we can include those in the discussion sessions at the Workshop.

Workshop Arrangements
Scientific Programme

In addition to the aforementioned presentations there will be ample time for discussions and exchange of information between delegates. A more detailed programme will appear two weeks before the workshop. For further questions on the programme, contact the QUASIMEME Project Office (quasimeme@wur.nl).


Participants should register before 1 March 2010. The registration fee is 370 Euro for QUASIMEME members, 420 Euro for early registration before 1 February 2010 and 495 Euro for registration after 1 February. The fee includes attendance of the workshop, report of the workshop, coffees, teas, lunch on 18 March and the workshop dinner on Thursday evening 18 March. Registration can be done through the QUASIMEME website www.quasimeme.org or by email to quasimeme@wur.nl. Titles and abstracts (200 words) of oral and poster presentations should be sent to the same email address before 1 February 2010. The maximum number of participants will be 50; the registration will be closed a soon as this number will be reached.


Accommodation is available in Hotel Burlington, Kapellestraat 90, 8400 Ostend, Belgium (www.hotelburlington.be). You are kindly asked to book your own room and refer to QUASIMEME/MUMM workshop.


Directions are indicated in the attached pdf file.

QUASIMEME and co-organisers
QUASIMEME (Quality Assurance of Information in Marine Environmental Monitoring in Europe) operates a series of Proficiency Testing Studies for institutes making chemical measurements worldwide. As part of the improvement programme, QUASIMEME co-operates with centres of excellence to provide workshops for discussion, and “hands on” experience to complement the development programmes in the Laboratory Performance Studies.

The Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) of the VU University in Amsterdam acts as a centre of excellence for QUASIMEME. It contributes to biological test material testing for proficiency tests on organic contaminants and trace metals. In addition, scientific advice is given to the annual QUASIMEME programmes through the Scientific Assessment Group. IVM assists in organising workshops on specific analytical topics. IVM combines knowledge on analytical chemistry and toxicology to address a broad range of environmental issues, with a focus on contaminants. More information can be found at www.vu.nl/ivm

MUMM, the Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models is the Department for Management of the Marine Ecosystem of the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences (www.mumm.ac.be). MUMM’s laboratory in Ostend, also known as MARCHEM, has been intensively involved in marine environmental monitoring and acts both as a knowledge centre and a provider of testing materials for QUASIMEME. In addition, it contributes advice at the level of the Scientific Assessment Group and the Advisory Board of QUASIMEME.

Analysis Chlornated Paraffins

18-19 March 2010

Please complete and return before 1 February 2010 or, at the latest, before 1 March 2010 by fax or E-mail. Please provide a 200 word abstract if you would like to give an oral or poster presentation.

I will attend the above workshop

I am a QUASIMEME participant (Laboratory code)


I would like to make an oral presentation

I would like to present a poster

Title of Presentation


















Please reply to:
QUASIMEME Laboratory Performance Studies

Wageningen UR

Alterra CWK

PO Box 47

6700 AA Wageningen

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)317 48 65 46

Fax: +31 (0)317 41 90 00

E-mail: QUASIMEME@wur.nl


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