Provided line graph compares six different

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Provided line graph compares six different either renewable or unrenewable sources ( petrol and oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear, solar/wind and hydropower) in a special country according to their change in consumption from 2000 to 2050.

Overall, while petrol and oil, coal and natural gas have showed and predicted to have markedly higher rates of consumption, the opposite was true for the rest listed fuels; being more stable in most of the period despite of slight increase in the beginning. However, most of the energy producers are generally expected to increase, they could not overtake the dominance of petrol and oil consumption in the top during the whole interval.
Turning to details, Petrol and oil, having most of energy consumption over the entire span, stood at 35quadrillion units of consumption annually in 2000 before reaching 40 in 2020 and nearly 50 quadrillion units eventually. However, Natural gas had been second most consumed fuel initially, with 20quadrillion units, it became third with approximately 25quadrillion units after coal which is expected to show visible increase to 30 quadrillion units from 15quadrillion units in 2000.
Nuclear, Solar/wind and Hydropower, on the other hand, are expected to grow slightly till 2025 which all probably will have units between about 3 and 9 quadrillion units. In turn, in the next 20 years no fluctuation is predicted till 2045 in their consumption, but in the last 5 year period they may reach about 8, 6 and 4 quadrillion units accordingly.
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