Propolis and cancer an Alternative and

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  • An Alternative and

  • Supplemental Therapy


  • Anti-oxidative and Radio-protective Qualities

  • Several studies in which highly carcinogenic agents introduced to mice with pretreatment of propolis and without

  • Pretreated mice developed cancer at dramatically lower rate

Stimulation of Immune System

  • Immune system 1st line of defense against cancer

  • Strong immune response critical at all stages of cancer recovery

  • Conventional cancer treatments severely challenge immune systems

  • Propolis strengthens immune system

Anti-tumoral Activity

  • Significant research supporting propolis as agent for:

  • Apoptosis or arresting the growth of tumor tissues

  • Cytoxicity/tumoricidal activity – killing cancerous cells

Cancer Research on Propolis Origins

  • Bee products are significant to the economies and cultures of many cultures

  • Funding available for local product research

  • In aggregate, studies demonstrate efficacy of propolis in general

Cancer Research on Propolis Components

  • Sizable portion of research on isolated components of propolis

  • Based on the ‘active ingredient’ model

  • Most commonly on artepillan, CAPE, and quercetin

Limitations of Component Research

  • The components are not practically available

  • and/or

  • They have not been found to be more efficacious than whole propolis

  • The research primarily serves pharmaceutical development or marketing

Propolis Treatment of Cancer

Propolis as Preventative

  • Research indicates relatively small regular doses may be effective

  • Desirable with family or personal cancer history

  • With chronic exposure to carcinogens or high risk circumstance

Propolis as Adjuvant Treatment

  • Propolis treatment supplements conventional surgical, chemo, or radiation treatments

  • Ethical & responsible approach

  • Recommended by researchers & physicians

Propolis as Primary Treatment

  • Considered

  • When no conventional options offered

  • When no conventional options are acceptable to patient

  • Raises issues of clarity of roles, relationships, and responsibilities

A Protocol for Treatment

  • Propolis: My proprietary preparation of whole propolis and water

  • Daily dosage: 1 Fl Oz/30ml equivalent to 8 grams crude propolis

  • Dosing: 1/3 daily dose every 8 hours

  • Conditions: can be with small volume food but 1 hour separated from meals

Desirable Protocol Additions

  • Pollen

  • Honey

  • Bee Venon

  • Undetermined Issues

    • Volume
    • Quality
    • Dosing

Standards of Treatment Success

  • Goals

    • Improvement of quality/duration of life
    • Arrest of tumor growth or disease progression
    • Tumor reduction/elimination
    • Other patient defined goals

Clinical Assessment: Systematic Tracking

  • Without consistent records there is no possibility of assessment

  • Developing a schedule of history taking and treatment progression

Clinical Assessment: Difficulties

  • Was the protocol followed?

  • To what degree was it followed?

  • Propolis’ contribution relative to conventional treatment

  • What other complimentary therapies were coincident?

A Case Study

  • Patient is woman in mid eighties diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

  • Occasion of diagnosis was treatment of jaundice with discovery of bile duct blocked by pancreatic tumor

  • Condition at diagnosis was extreme weight loss and extreme low vitality

A Case Study

  • No conventional treatment deemed possible

  • Treatment with propolis at 2/3rd protocol dosage begun in August 2008 + honey and pollen

  • Propolis increased to full protocol, November 2008

Case Study

  • Chart of treatment period 15 Months

Case Study

  • Success standard of treatment to date

  • Quality and duration of life improved from original expectation

  • Tumor growth arrested

  • No noticeable reduction in tumor

  • Thank you !

  • The End for now.

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