Production automation mechanized I ch control and management of automatic devices; I ch high level of mechanization. One of the main directions in the development of science and technology

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Production automation - mechanized control and management of automatic devices; high level of mechanization. One of the main directions in the development of science and technology. Labor productivity, product quality, labor culture, etc. factors allows you to raise your performance to a higher level. There are partial (local), general (complex) and full automation stages. In the partial automation phase, adjustment of certain types of work (fluid level, t-ra, pressure, etc.) is automated. In the general automation phase, several partially automated types of work are interconnected at the department, shop, and enterprise level, and are managed as a single automated complex according to a specific program. Control is carried out under the supervision of a person (operator). In the phase of full automation, The stability of the process and the fact that the types of work do not change ensure high efficiency. Dangerous for man Under these conditions, the use of full automation is particularly appropriate.

Some of the tools of automation are ancient. However, such devices were not used in small craft TV (until the 18th century). As a result of the improvement of labor tools and equipment, the creation of new machines and mechanisms (19th century) the size and level changed dramatically. This created the necessary conditions for the mechanization of production (eg, spinning, weaving, metal and woodworking). Since the invention of the voltage regulator in the early 20th century, key-in electricity used in; multi-operating machines and automatic lines are formed. The concept of

Automated control devices and The development of these processes began at the same time as the construction of heavy industry and machine-building (in the 1930s). In the heavy, light and food industries, automated devices have been used, and automation of transport has been improved. Energy, metallurgy, chemistry, mechanical engineering, utilities, i.t. Automation laboratories have been established in institutes. 50-y. By the end of the twentieth century, automation began to be used in almost all sectors of the economy. The transition to fully automatic control of hydropower units, water supply systems, etc. areas have been automated. The scientific foundations of the Soviet Union developed in three main directions. First, effective methods have been developed to study the laws, dynamics, stability, and influence of external factors on the objects of governance. These issues are solved jointly by researchers, designers, technologists. Second, the effectiveness of management methods, the purpose of the management function was determined. On this basis, the rules of management decision-making have been established. Third, detailed, simple, and efficient engineering methods have been developed to harmonize the design of automation tools that perform measurement, processing, and control functions. But Work on the improvement and development of In shops, warehouses and other places of production, the compilation and initial processing of information is carried out by means of keyboard devices, the collected information is transmitted for processing. Sensors are used to automatically record information. Data transmission tools include signal converters, telemechanics equipment, signal distribution switches, and so on. and consists of. Logical and mathematical information processing devices - functional modifiers that change the nature and shape of signals, devices that process information according to a given algorithm (including computers), etc. includes Google. Information display devices (including computers), and b. includes Google. Information display devices - signal boards, mnemonic schemes, national and digital devices, electronic light tube, letter and digital typewriters, etc. monitors the progress of processes and records important parameters. Devices that generate control effects convert weak information signals into strong impulses. These pulses act on the executive body of the protection, adjustment, or control devices and trigger them. A set of tools for data collection and primary processing allows you to automate the management of sectors of the economy. in process control automation. Control and adjustment devices, analytical techniques and software control systems are also very important, which allow to carry out in an optimal mode.In hydroelectric power plants, water from the reservoir flows continuously through hydraulic turbines. Automatic regulators adjust the number of revolutions of the turbines, the frequency and voltage of the current produced, the active (active) and reactive powers. Protective devices prevent accidents. The auto operator starts and stops the units according to the schedule. The power system dispatcher uses a telemechanics device to control the HPP remotely (from the central remote control). Almost all hydropower plants in Uzbekistan work in this way.

Thermal power plants are much more difficult to manage. The «boiler-turbine-generator-transformer» unit with a capacity of several hundred MW consists of various units. The 800 MW unit has about 1,000 control facilities and about 1,300 controlled parameters. Using an automatic control system, these objects and parameters are controlled by a single engineer-operator.

Chemical, petrochemical, gas and pharmaceutical industries, water supply, sewerage, etc., where technological processes are continuous. Can also be automated. In addition to improving rock extraction methods in mining, thermal, electrical, and acoustic extraction methods are being developed to effectively automate this process; The mines use computers.

Processing of minerals in metallurgy is carried out mainly in a cyclical manner. During blast furnace production, all basic parameters are automatically measured and adjusted. Computers and computers are used in the heating system. In open-hearth furnaces, gas consumption is automatically adjusted.

The main drive, tensioning gear drives and auxiliary mechanisms are automated in rolling mills. Computational cutting systems are used with the help of computers. In modern engineering, is the basis of technical progress. Along with automatic machines, multi-operational units, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or mixed control systems have been developed and are being improved. The versatility of machine tools is maintained even when the work cycle of programmable metalworking machines is fully automated. Automation of assembly processes is one of the most complex and topical issues in mechanical engineering. It provides great economic benefits. The quality of the assembled components and items is automatically checked during assembly. Mas, Tashkent q.x. Spindles are made on an automatic line at the machine-building plant, cotton picking machines are assembled on automatic conveyors, and all work is automated at the UzDaewoo Auto plant in Andijan.

Radio parts, electronic lamps, ion instruments, electron-beam tubes, transistors, mounting wires, radio-electronic devices and televisions fully automated. In the light industry, automated devices and automated enterprise management systems have been introduced and are being implemented. Shoes, haberdashery, etc. The networks are equipped with high-efficiency automatic devices for mass production of goods. In public catering establishments, too, The importance of Automatic processing of products (wiping, cutting, grinding, etc.) fully preserves the nutrients and flavor of the ingredients, significantly reducing hierarchies.

Mass automation has also been introduced in the cotton industry. They have a complex of automation of processes, from the receipt of cotton, to the separation of fiber, seeds and lint, and the spinning of fiber. The increase in the share of freight and passenger traffic is due to the expansion of all modes of transport and the acceleration of traffic on existing lines. T.y. The automation of the operation of transport will allow to strictly follow the schedules of trains and ensure traffic safety. The trains are operated using a “motorist”. Much of the work on cargo and passenger ships is automated. The planes are being piloted using autopilot. The meteorological service is a complex complex that measures, collects, transmits and processes various meteorological data. These data include air pressure, t-ray and velocity, humidity, precipitation, etc. In different layers of the atmosphere. And consists of. Automation of this field is necessary for further development of hydrometeorology. Earth satellites, computers, and computers are a great help in this area.

Automated production management – the use of mathematical methods, automatic devices and computer tools in the management of various industries. Its scientific basis is economic cybernetics. Addressing methodological and specific issues related to the relationship between man and cyber machines is an important task for him. a. In addition to the computer, dozens of ispecialized automatic devices, computers are used. relieves the burden of data collection and processing, enhances its creative role, increases productivity, and allows the use of people involved in production management for other purposes.
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