Pi and Grant Transfers: Procedures

Transfer of an Award from another Institution to WMC

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Transfer of an Award from another Institution to WMC

When a PI is transferring into WMC, he or she must first complete the normal faculty appointment process through the Office of Faculty Affairs.

After the PI is fully appointed as a new faculty member, the PI should submit a new award application for his or her grant through Grants & Contracts in accordance with the granting agency’s policies and Grants & Contracts proposal submission procedures. However, this cannot be processed until the original institution has submitted the Agency Relinquishing Statement, and it has been approved by the sponsor. (Grants & Contracts and Finance should also maintain a copy of the Agency Relinquishing Statement in the award file.)
Grants & Contracts will help to ensure the equivalent of the steps in the section “Transfer of an Award from WMC to Another Institution” have taken place at the original institution and that the originating Sponsored Research Office has been in contact with WMC. When the PI is transferring into WMC, an initial meeting with Grants & Contracts and the Department is particularly important to go over the PI’s research portfolio and to determine necessary action steps or remaining financial issues. If the project involves humans or animals, Grants & Contracts should ensure that the PI has drafted the necessary protocols and submitted them to the WMC IRB or IACUC.
Grants & Contracts will work with the originating institution and sponsor to confirm the transfer of the project and to determine the appropriate transaction for transfer. This will generally involve the relinquishment of the award by the originating institution and transfer of the award to WMC by the sponsor. In some cases, such as transfer of an award close to the end date, the sponsor may prefer the original institution sub-contract to WMC rather than relinquish the award.
Once the above steps are completed, Grants & Contracts will receive an NGA reflecting the estimated balance of the award funds to be transferred. After the original institution has submitted their final financial statement, the awarding agency will issue a revised NGA to WMC to reflect a change in funding. This amount may be more or less than the original estimate.

    • Note: If the Department submits a signed request for a Preliminary Account and Grants & Contracts has also received a copy of the Relinquishing Statement from the original institution, Grants & Contracts will work with Finance to facilitate the Preliminary Account so that the PI can proceed with his or her research.

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