Pi and Grant Transfers: Procedures

Final Relinquishment Activities

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Final Relinquishment Activities
Finance next forwards the Agency Relinquishing Statement and Grant Transfer Request Form back to Grants & Contracts. Grants & Contracts completes the final signatures, sends a copy to Finance to retain in the award file and forwards the original to the PI and Department Administrator. The PI is then responsible for sending the Agency Relinquishing Statement to the applicable federal agency.
Following relinquishment of the grant, Finance issues the final financial report to the sponsor. The final FSR is due to the NIH within 90 days of the project end date at WMC. Finance returns any unobligated balance back to the sponsor, and the sponsor is responsible for releasing these funds to the new institution with a revised NGA. The Department Administrator should coordinate with Finance to ensure that all amendments and final invoices have been received from the subrecipients before the final financial report is submitted.
Finance is also responsible for any other activities related to closing out the account in FRS and ensuring that all invoices have hit the grant before it is closed. Finance will maintain a copy of all records related to the transfer and termination of the award at WMC.
Finally, the Office of Faculty Affairs completes the process by terminating the PI’s appointment at WMC.

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