Pi and Grant Transfers: Procedures

Complete Federal Requirements

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Complete Federal Requirements

Next, the PI and/or Department Administrator should complete the appropriate Agency Relinquishing Statement and Final Invention Statement or Project Report.


PHS 3734 Official Statement Relinquishing Interest and Rights in a PHS Research Grant (http://grants1.nih.gov/grants/phs3734.pdf)

HHS 568 Final Invention Statement and Certification (http://grants1.nih.gov/grants/hhs568.pdf)

Detailed instructions/forms for a grant transfer are available electronically on the FastLane website section entitled PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR (PI) TRANSFER (https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/documents/pi_transfer/pi_transfer_1.jsp)

“Final Project Report” (http://www.seismo.unr.edu/ftp/pub/louie/nr/nrfinal98a-1.pdf)

A signed agency/corporation/foundation form(s) as identified by the agency

This relinquishment form should contain the following:

  • The effective date of relinquishment

  • The estimated unexpended direct and F&A cost balances from the current budget period (carry-over of funds from previous budget periods should not be included in these amounts)

  • A statement of intent concerning the transfer of equipment

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