Pi and Grant Transfers: Procedures

Transfer of an Award from WMC to Another Institution

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Transfer of an Award from WMC to Another Institution

Initiate Transfer
It is the Principal Investigator and/or the Department Administrator’s primary responsibility to initiate a grant transfer to an outside institution. The PI should contact the Department Chair, the Grants & Contracts Office, and Sponsoring Agency, within a reasonable time frame in advance of the transfer date to ensure a smooth transition. It is also the PI’s responsibility to review the original award documentation. In particular:

    • Review cost sharing requirements to determine if these have been met. Determine what cost sharing requirements, if any, will transfer to the new institution.

    • Review the agreement for equipment, produce a list of equipment purchased on the current award, and obtain signature from the Department Chairperson authorizing the transfer. Any movement of equipment that has not been purchased with this award must be approved by the Department Chairperson. Refer to agency guidelines for specific requirements.

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