Oneclickgiving launches charity video

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Alan Rickman stars in a short viral video intended to raise awareness and funds for the refugee crisis
Oxford, 11 December 2015 – OneClickGiving, a student-run charity initiative, is preparing to launch a new video, featuring veteran stage and film star Alan Rickman, on 15th December. The 30-second film intends to use the power of social media and YouTube advertising to raise money for the ongoing refugee crisis.
The YouTube video, ‘This Tortoise Could Save a Life’, will be launched worldwide. It features a tortoise eating a strawberry narrated by Alan Rickman. For every view that the video receives, YouTube gives the uploader a small amount of money from advertising revenue. OneClickGiving will give that money directly to Refugee Council and Save The Children. The more shares the video gets, the more money that can be raised.
The video will go live on Tuesday 15th December - Please incorporate this link into any article.
Founder Oliver Phillips says: “I really hope this video goes viral. It is an innovative project for an extremely important cause. We hope to find companies who might be willing to match the funds we make. Save the Children does a lot of work around the world, whereas Refugee Council primarily helps refugees living in the UK. The money will therefore be split between helping refugees globally, and in the UK. Our charities are two of the most effective at helping refugees, who desperately need your support.

“OneClickGiving is a new way of giving to charity. All you need to do is watch and share.”

About OneClickGiving
OneClickGiving ( was founded in 2015 by Oliver Phillips, with fellow Students at Oxford University. After a series of meetings, the OneClickGiving team wrote the script, gained advice from former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, secured Alan Rickman as narrator and shot the video.

OneClickGiving is part of Oxford RAG (Registered Charity Number: 1140687). No one involved with OneClickGiving is making a profit, and OneClickGiving does not have any operating costs.

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