Nurse Competency in

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Nurse Competency in

Conservative Sharp Debridement of Non- Viable Tissue in

Wound Care
Objective: Provides safe and competent nursing assessment and instrument debridement technique for patients with non-viable tissue in wounds.
The Louisiana State Board of Nursing, Nursing Practice Committee deliberated and formed the following opinions:
In reference to agenda item 4.4, it is within the scope of practice for registered nurses to perform sharp wound debridement provided said nurses have advanced specialized education (beyond basic) and technical skills documented in their files, and validation of technical skills on an annual basis. November 6, 1992
In reference to agenda item 6.1, that it is within the scope of practice for a registered nurse to perform bedside mechanical hydrodebridement with pulsed lavage (with pre-set psi range) when prescribed by a physician or other authorized prescriber, provided that the registered nurse has the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities with documented competency to said registered nurse’s file. August 26, 1998

Debridement Competency for Lucretia German RN, C, CWOCN met not met N/A

1. Identify the patient.


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