Networker Approaches ed 3 Stacy Bodner

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Networker Approaches
ED 3 Stacy Bodner

We don't know one another, but the reason that I'm calling is that I am really looking for someone that has some experience in the Home-Based Market, that might be looking for a way to generate an extra $50-$60,000 over the next 6-12 months that can work alongside of what you're doing!

I don't know if it's something that you'd be interested in, but I would love to get together and show you a little more about what I do.

Another Stacy Approach:
Are you still with _______________?  Do you do this part time/full time?
(Ask lots of questions!)
The reason I'm calling you is I have something that could be complimentary to what you're doing.....people who do what you're doing do very well with us....(or our co.)

We could work together and pass referrals back & forth to help out..

How about giving me a little of your time so I can show this to you...
How about giving me a few minutes of your time....

Whoever is asking the questions controls the situation...controls the conversation! 
You start answering can get in trouble!  Be brief and get off the phone.

President Club Winner...ED7 Sandy Seimens......

She has 2000 names on her contact list.  She is very creative at adding names to her list.

Just moved to a new area..she gets out and about adding names from here there and everywhere.
She is intentional about adding names to her list.  Parks with her store...clubs etc.
1st of every month she develops a "Hit List" from the 2000 names.

Sandy Siemens:
Hi _____________, this is ___________.
I'm calling you because of your experience with Cookie Lee.  I know you are probably already doing very well with your home business.  I work from home as well.
I work with a Wellness Co. (or Billion Dollar US Manufacturer) that offers Home Business owners like additional stream of residual income. 
I know that may be an idea that you may be interested in, can we meet for a cup of coffee?

ED9 Paulette Magaw Party Plan Approach: (Parklane Jewelry, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, ArBonne, Home Interiors, etc..)

Your name has crossed my desk as someone who has

done extremely well in your industry.

I am looking to team up with someone of your caliber and experience. Some of the emerging leaders from our company have a similar background as you.

Mary Kay Approach:
I saw your Ad, do you have a minute..I know you are so busy and I think you would be interested in a service my company offers that is like CostCo/Sam’s Club.

Are you a member?

I thought you would be!
We too can save you time, money and your health...and my company totally services my customers for me. .....could we meet over a cup of coffee?
How about tomorrow at……

Hi ____________my name is ____________. You don't know me personally, but I am looking at your Business Card OR I got your name from.........
The reason for my call is...I work for a company that is expanding in this area, and I am always looking for leaders to work with.  I see you are a successful Realtor, Banker, Mortgage Broker, ______ Distributor, .....I see you are successful in your position...etc. 

Are you open to looking at other ways to generate additional income alongside of what you're currently doing….because people with your background are very successful with us. 

Would you be willing to take a look at what attracted them with a brief overview for you.
A Note from Corporate Director Steve Peters:

Your business will grow exponentially faster if you enroll people who have been in business/sales before. 

They will bring with them many skills that your average customer does not have.
So many people in Melaleuca can't understand why their business isn't growing, but have never enrolled a quality business person.  You have got to
learn the skill of approaching & enrolling quality business builders!

Here are several Business Approaches that we learned at Standing Executive Leadership Council (SELC) in March:


1.  Are you still with _________________ (Tupperware, Mona Vie, Amway, etc.)

I also run a business from home and I'm always looking for people with
your experience.
Would you be open to taking a look at another business idea that might
compliment what you're currently doing?


2.  "I'm looking for a few ___________________________ (real estate professionals, mortgage people, etc.) who would be open to looking at an additional income stream. 
Have you ever considered doing something along side of your _________________ (real estate, etc.) business?


3.  "With this economy, do you think it would be wise to have a "Plan B."  Let's get together & talk.

Steve Peters, ED 9

Ok, if you've read this far - it means that you are desperate to move your business ahead by enrolling quality business people.  So hit your reply button right now & commit to us you will use at least one of these approaches in the next 7 days!  And after you try it, email me and let me know the results.  Good or bad, just do it!

PS.  Don't get me wrong, you can still grow a business by enrolling customers who want to learn how to do a business, but if people have business skills before you enroll them, you have the potential of growing much faster.

Networker Cold Call Script


This is ________! You don’t know me but I’m calling about your _______ Business.

Do you have a minute for a couple of questions?

How long have you been involved with ______?

Are you just a customer, or do you participate in the marketing side as well?

(Find a way to compliment them and build rapport with the answers to these questions.)

I’m a partner with a U.S. Based Manufacturer and we have found that individuals who have experience in the MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Sales industry do really well with us and that is why I have called you.
Would you be open to look at a way to develop a new stream of revenue?

(If they say yes, I move on below. If they say no, I thank them for their time and end the call.)

We compete with other manufacturers like Proctor and Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, and Johnson & Johnson.
We are looking for good people to help us promote our brand versus the competitions brand. To be fair, I need about 45 minutes of your undivided attention to show you exactly what we do and how we do it. Do days or evenings work best for you?

Set the appointment!

 The Referral Approach:

You may or may not know that I have a business and work from my home, and I know you are very successful and entrepreneurial and that’s why I’m calling you.

I’m at a point in my business where I’m needing help. I am looking for someone that could really use an extra $1,000-$2,000 a month within a very short period of time.
Could you meet me over a cup of coffee so I can show you exactly what I’m doing and maybe you can help me out and refer someone to me.

It’s a highly successful catalog company and we operate a little like a Broker....setting up wholesale accounts. It’s growing like crazy...there’s no selling involved.
It’s not multilevel marketing, like Amway or Herbalife.  We are in a different industry.
Could we meet at the coffee shop in _______ tomorrow?

Power Phrases: If people want to know a little more………………...use these Power Phrases:

30 Year Old Better Business Bureau Hall Of Fame….Inc 500 Hall Of Fame Co. The Wellness Industry is predicted to be the next Trillion Dollar Industry, and we are The Wellness Company!
Billion Dollar Debt Free US Manufacturer
And we’re growing by over 1000 new people every day.

To All Melaleuca Business Builders:


Some of you have asked how Corporate Director III, Mark Atha approaches people. Here are some of his approaches

and how he handles any resistance.

To your success...

Scott Houston, Executive Director

Omaha, Nebraska

Example 1: (Business Approach)

Someone Who’s Need You Already Know:

Hi Susan it’s Mark. Hey do you have a couple of minutes? 

I was just thinking about the conversation we had the other day when you shared that you were struggling with going to work these days since you really wanted to be home with the kids.

I didn’t have time to chat at the time but I wanted to tell you that my wife and I recently partnered with a company called Melaleuca that specializes in helping people just like you earn enough money part time from home to be able to

more than replace your income and be home with the kids.
I can hardly wait for you to see what we’re doing.

When could we get together for 45 minutes so I could show you all the information?  

Example 2: (Product Approach)

Someone Who’s Need You Already Know: 

Hi Susan it’s Mark. Hey do you have a couple of minutes?

I was just thinking about the conversation we had the other day when you shared that you were really worried about Steve’s high blood pressure & cholesterol.

I didn’t have time to chat at the time but I wanted to tell you that I recently partnered with a Wellness Company called Melaleuca that manufactures natural supplements that target heart health and specialize in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol naturally without prescription drugs.

I don’t sell the products myself but I would love to get together for a few minutes to show you some information on the products and if you’re interested I can also show you how to set up a wholesale account to order them directly from Melaleuca the way I do.

I can hardly wait for you to see what we’re doing.

When could we get together for you to have a look?

Handling Resistance:

..Agree and acknowledge their concern:

..Tell them you’d like to show them anyway

..Give them permission to say “no” AFTER they see it.


Hey Susan I totally understand how you feel,

___________________(state their concern)
but hey I’m really excited about this and it’s no big deal to me, so why don’t we sit for a few minutes so I can show you how Melaleuca works and once you see all the details....if you still feel ___________________________
then don’t do it…..fair enough?

Either way I’d love to show you because at the very least you might think of someone you know that would be perfect for me to talk to.


Small Biz Owners:

I specialize in helping people with small businesses increase their income.

There's no cost----I'd love to sit down and show you what I do,
and how you can add a substantial amount of income to your family this year.

Jason Fisher Approach: ED 8 (Warm Market)

Hello Mary, this is Jason are you? (Good)

Mary..listen..I've just got involved with a new business that I excited about...I don't know if it's for you, it might be, or it might not be, but more importantly than that Mary, you might know of someone that you could refer to me.

And if that's all that you can do, that would be great!
When do you have 30-45 minutes that I can go over this with you and let you know what I'm this afternoon a good time or tonight at 7:30 pm?

We earn a full time income on a part time basis!


Best Script to Get Someone Started Setting Appt's RIGHT AWAY!!
(The Enroller is making the call for the NEW Enrollee)

ED9 Nancy McHugh’s Approach: (This takes place at end of enrollment..or at Strategy Session Training) 

If you could partner up with anyone, who would it be?
(Probably best friend) Let’s call her right now!

Hello _______  “I’m sitting here with ______, and we just started a business together, and she/he told me that if she could partner with anyone; because we are thinking about getting another partner,
it would be you!

Would you be interested in hearing what we’ll take about an hour…might be for you…might not.  How’s you evening tonight or how does your day look tomorrow?”
(Usually they are so impressed that we picked them, that 9 times out of 10 they enroll!)


Corporate Director REBECCA CONNOR TIPS

Rebecca enrolled 12 customers and achieved Director III status in her 1st month!
She carried around Kim Cherveny’s Corporate CD, and gave it to people to listen to and told them this is what can be accomplished in the company I’m partnering with.

Don’t scare people away with your Business Approach:

3 Sample Approaches:

1)  I really respect you as a person….I have something I’d like you to look at.

2)  Having you at my In Home would mean so much to me.

3)  It would mean so much to have you at my overview, at the very least you may want to be my customer or you may know someone who would.

Approaching other Business Owners:

“I know you work very hard and are very successful with ______________, but I’d love to show you Melaleuca so if your situation ever changes, you can contact me.
I’d love to work with someone like you.”
Business Tips:

When she hears of people who have 24 personal customers and no Directors, her response is:

How do you do your presentations? Do you eliminate parts of the business. Do you show the Senior and Exec pages? Watch someone who is good at presenting the business side.
She usually says.....“Just allow me to quickly walk through how Melaleuca rewards their customers. It may not be for you but you may know or meet someone who is just waiting for this kind of business.”

Contact List: Ask new builders, “Who would come to your store if you opened one on the corner tomorrow? Let’s start your contact list there.”

Closing People: When people say they need more information, she says I think you really need the Customer (Membership) Kit so you can watch the DVD and look at the booklets.
We give you 4 months to try the store and that is the best way to get more information.

She says this in every presentation:

When I decided to try shopping at Target I didn’t stand outside the window and peek in, or keep re-reading the sales brochurefrom the paper, I went inside and shopped a few times and then decided.

Doesn’t it just make more sense to try our store the same way?

The only difference is that with Melaleuca every thing is 100 % guaranteed.”


Service Approach:

Use this on the fly. Incorporate this into your everyday life.

If you are at the grocery store, a restaurant, gas station, try it when completing the transaction.

Say something really seem to enjoy what you do. I’m always looking for new people in my business...perhaps we can talk when we have more time.

Let me just take down your name and # if you are open to look at other ways of generating income and I’ll give you a call tonight.
(You HAVE to call them right away that day or the next morning so they don’t forget who you are!)


ED Karen Gilligan Phone Scripts:
Hi ____________ this is _______________________.
I'm calling you because of your experience in working from home. I'd really like to speak with you about the possibility of working together. Would you be open to taking a look at a new business idea?

Something that might complement what you're already doing?

Realtors: Hi _______________this is _________________. I'm calling you because of your work in the local real-estate you have a couple minutes?
I work with a company in the field of health and wellness (or Billion Dollar US Manufacturer) that gives Realtors and other Professionals a source of residual income.
Would you be open to taking a look at a sideline income stream? It's something that wouldn't interfere with what you're already doing.
Ask for Referrals... Hey can you do me a favor?
You know so many people. I've just started a new business... who do you know who could really benefit from this?
Insurance agents, financial planners I would love to find someone I could partner with.
Do you know someone who could use some extra money? Someone who would be open to looking at a Work From Home Business to do on the side?
Maybe you can help you know anyone who has ever worked in a home business?
Approach to use if you're a customer of someone else:
You know so many people. You are one of the most dynamic sales people I know. I was wondering if you could help me out?...(pause)

Well you know John and I are with Melaleuca the Wellness Company...pause... would you ever be willing to sit down and take a look at our business model?

You might have someone you could refer to us who could benefit from what we have to offer.
Salesperson who is great at a store... You are really good at what you do for a living! You must be pretty successful here! Have you ever considered doing something else? Were always looking for people like you in our business!
To a Presenter... You are really good at your job! I'm in the presentation business so I know how hard it can be! I'm always looking for people like you in my business!
What business is that? My husband and I have partnered with a company in the health and wellness field that specializes in growing residual income for professionals.
Let's sit down for coffee and show you what we do. Is Tuesday or Wednesday better for you?
In order to grow your business, become comfortable doing uncomfortable things.

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