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When the institute was established in 1967, the institute also had a library in two small rooms, which began to serve readers, mainly students and a small number of professors and teachers.
At that time, the library had six staff members, and the library had only a few thousand copies of books, mostly in Russian and very few in Uzbek. Because the rooms were adapted for the library, the furniture was inconvenient to use, there was no office equipment at that time, and the library did not have its own mechanical typewriter.
Today, it is worth envying the IRC and the conditions created for its users: in 2016, the IRC of the institute was completely renovated and rebuilt, and it cost $ 1 billion. 980 mln. UZS, the interior and exterior of the IRC has been modernized, the service area has been expanded, a new "Electronic Library" for 75 seats has been built under the IRC and equipped with modern computers. , Separate sections and rooms for "Fiction" and "Periodicals". The fact that all computers are connected to the local network of the institute and the Internet allows users to use IRC services not only internally, but also externally.
As the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M.Mirziyoyev noted at the solemn ceremony dedicated to the twenty-ninth anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan on August 31, 2020, "If we say that the foundations are being laid for the Third Renaissance, it will be true."
For this purpose, a complex "Renaissance HALL" was built for students at our institute. The complex has a broadband Wi-Fi zone for students to quickly and easily access digital education information. Wi-Fi internet speed is 600 Mbit / s, TAS-IX speed is 1 Gbit / s. started. The state-of-the-art UniFi devices installed in the Wi-Fi zone can serve up to 2,000 users at a time.
“Renaissance HALL”da talabalarning notebook, planshet yoki smartfonlari doimiy quvvat manbai bilan ta’minlanishi uchun 264 ta elektr rozetkalari, simli internet uchun 44 ta ulanish nuqtasi bilan jihozlangan. Shuningdek, kompleksga zamonaviy mebel jihozlari, Hi-Tech uslubidagi yoritish chiroqlari, treninglar uchun WhiteBoard, 4K Ultra HD televizorlari, elektron sensorli panel va boshqa zamonaviy AKT qurilmalari o'rnatilgan.
A new Renaissance Hall has been opened on the campus for the convenience of students. It allows students to connect to a free WiFi network and download the information they need. The reading room seats up to 100 students and allows them to enjoy 2,840 books.
The Renaissance HALL also has a special room for tutors, who regularly monitor students. At the same time, they work on various innovative ideas, quizzes and interactive methods to teach students to think creatively in order to effectively organize their free time.
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