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SIMOPS Risk Assessment - AIDIC

VOL. 53, 2016 
A publication of 
The Italian Association 
of Chemical Engineering 
Online at 
Guest Editors:
Valerio Cozzani, Eddy De Rademaeker, Davide Manca
Copyright © 2016, AIDIC Servizi S.r.l., 
ISBN 978-88-95608-44-0
ISSN 2283-9216
Simultaneous Operations Risk Assessment 
Diego Marucco 
Design HSE Department, Tecnimont, Via De Castilla 6A, 20124 Milano Italy 
Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) occur when two or more potentially conflicting activities are being 
executed in the same location at the same time. 
The present paper describes the SIMOPS risk assessment process carried out during commissioning of new 
petrochemical complex in order to properly manage additional risks deriving from concurrent activities. 
The SIMOPS risk assessment was conducted through several dedicated meetings, with participation of 
multidisciplinary attendees by all project’s involved parties. The resulting hazards were assessed and proper 
preventive and protection measures identified to reduce the related risks to As Low As Reasonably 
Practicable (ALARP) level. The mitigation actions were continuously reviewed according to work site progress 
and their implementation on field was punctually monitored. 
Thanks to SIMOPS risk assessment process, together with daily implementation of “safety first” program, the 
project finally reached 65 mil worked manhours without LTI (Lost-Time Injury), a remarkable achievement in 
this field. 
1. Introduction 
Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) is the execution of two or more tasks by two or more functional groups on 
the same location at the same time. 
In the Oil&Gas and Petrochemical industries SIMOPS takes place specifically when activities from 
construction, commissioning, start-up and production operations are being carried out simultaneously. In this 
regards, in addition to hazards concerned to each single task, additional risks can be generated due to 
simultaneous execution in the same area. 
In order to identify potential hazards and to eliminate, minimize or managed the risk associated with SIMOPS
dedicated risk assessment process shall be put in place involving all project actors, typically: plant owner, 
project management consultant (PMC), main contractor, subcontractors and vendors. 

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