Methodological typology of grammar content Introduction

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Methodological typology of grammar content Introduction

After analyzing the literature on the methodology of teaching a foreign language, we can conclude that teaching grammar at school should occupy one of the leading positions, since grammatical skill is one of the components of speaking. Mastering the language as a means of communication is the goal of teaching the most common approach to teaching the grammatical aspect of the English language - communicative.
In modern methodology, there are several different concepts of the term "grammar". Grammar is a way of putting words together in order to get the correct sentence. This is a simplified definition. Grammar is the structure of a language and the science of this structure. Grammar is the structure of language and turns it into speech. Mastering grammar is impossible without studying the grammatical structure, the grammatical meaning of this structure, as well as the formation of a grammatical skill. In the methodology of teaching foreign languages, various approaches to learning are distinguished: a communicative approach, a deductive approach, an inductive approach, a consciously oriented and a structural approach. Currently, there is no single approach to teaching a foreign language. All approaches have their positive and negative features and complement each other in the learning process. In teaching the grammatical aspect, the most widely used methods are used, such as:
grammar and translation; straight; natural; communicative.
To optimize the learning process, the communicative teaching method is most often used, since it includes work on both the form and the content of speech. However, when teaching grammar, it is necessary to combine and alternate teaching methods, thereby not allowing students to lose interest in learning grammar. In order to increase students' interest in studying such a complex section of the language as grammar, first of all, it is necessary to set clear goals for yourself, that is, for the teacher. Students must know and understand why they do this or that task or study certain rules.
The next thing to consider is the variety of tasks. All tasks that are given to students must be carefully and carefully selected by the teacher. Equally important in grammar is visibility. Students need to have a clear example or rule in front of them, which is then quickly assimilated by the student.
Games should also be present in the classroom. So-called game tasks help children relax, and at the same time, each such task can have a clear goal. When using didactic games, grammatical structures and grammatical skills are trained, which is of great practical importance.
It is also necessary to think over the main part of the lesson - Presentation . Only a well-thought-out presentation of new material optimizes the student for learning the grammar of a foreign language.

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