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Education in Uzbekistan


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Mavzu:Education in Uzbekistan
Bajardi:Mamadoliyev Z
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Education in Uzbekistan

General information

Education system of Uzbekistan consists of the following:

state and private educational institutions implementing educational programs in accordance with state educational standards;

research and teaching institutions performing research work required for the operation and development of the education system;

Government administrative bodies in the field of education, as well as their subordinate enterprises, institutions and organizations.

The education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan is single and continuous.

Education in Uzbekistan is realized in the following ways:

pre-school education;

secondary education;

specialized secondary and vocational education;

Higher education;

graduate education;

personnel training and retraining;

nonschool education.

Education authorities

The education system is generally supervised by the Cabinet of Ministers. It also directly controls some higher education institutions, which include the Tashkent Islamic University, as well as affiliates of international well-known foreign universities (Moscow State University, University of Westminster, etc.).

The tasks of the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of education include:

implementation of a unified state policy in the field of education;

overseeing the state educational bodies;

development and implementation of education development programs;

establishing the rules for creation, reorganization and liquidation of educational institutions;

determining the rules for accreditation of educational institutions, certification of teaching and research staff;

issuing permits for educational activities to educational institutions of other states on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

determining the rules for recognizing and matching the equivalence of international documents on education according to the law;

approval of state educational standards;

approval of state specimens of educational documents and the procedure for their issuance;

setting the number of government grants and admission rules to educational institutions;

appointment of rectors of public higher education institutions;

establishing the order of students transfer from one accredited educational institution to another;

other powers in accordance with the law.

In Uzbekistan, the direct management of the educational institutions carried out by two sectoral ministries – the Ministry of Public Education (MPE) and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education (MHSSE).

MPE is responsible for a preschool, nonschool educational institutions and secondary schools. MPE manages 5 universities and 16 institutes of teacher training. The Ministry has the provincial, district and municipal departments of public education, which shall perform the functions of the methodological guidance to the respective educational institutions on the ground.


MHSSE is a government body that manages higher and secondary professional education in the country.

The system includes the Center of secondary specialized vocational education, Center for developing the higher and secondary specialized vocational education, and higher education institutions.


Every citizen has the right to acquire knowledge , guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Education plays a significant role in educating the youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Homeland begins with the threshold , education of children begins in the family. This means that each of us is responsible for growing up full, healthy , educated, loyal to Homeland generation.
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