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 GG 470





High performance, elastomeric joint sealant, (Gun Grade) 




MasterSeal GG 470 is a high grade, polysulphide 

based sealant possessing outstanding resistance 

to deterioration due to weathering, ozone, ultra-

violet light and attack by chemicals present in 

industrial atmospheres.  It has the ability to 

withstand repeated cycles of compression and 

extension over a wide temperature range, and has 

excellent adhesion properties to all materials 

commonly employed in building and construction 



MasterSeal GG 470 is supplied in 2 packs, a total 

of 3 litre sealed units for sealing horizontal and 

vertical joints where pronounced cyclical 

movement is expected and where the service 

conditions would be harsh for most common 

sealants.  It is ideal for use in expansion joints in 

reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, 

reservoirs, water treatment works, sea walls and 

roads, etc.  It can also be used in floor joints 

subject to heavy usage where a high resistance to 

damage is required. 


Yüklə 43,99 Kb.

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