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St. Ignatius Loyola Parish          

October 19 ,2014 

We Pray For Our Dead  

And We Mourn With You 








MONDAY       Oct.  20, 2014, St. Paul of the Cross 

7:00 AM           Dolly Esposito   


 9:00AM George 



TUESDAY     October 21, 2014 


Intentions of Fr. Benjamin 

  9:00AM       Antoinette Cipullo 

WEDNESDAY  October 22,  2014 



St. Pope John Paul II 

7:00AM            Intentions of Donor 


Special Intentions of Fr. Benjamin 

THURSDAY  Oct. 23, 2014 






 Special Intentions of Fr. Benjamin 

 9:00 AM 

Michael Martinelli III 

FRIDAY:          October 24, 2014 







Louis Parmigiani, Sr. 

 9:00AM            Special Intentions of Fr. Benjamin 


Holy Hour—Respect Life 

 SATURDAY  October 25, 2014 


Alice and B. Medard Ofenloch 

5:00PM            John and Dolores Fabianski


SUNDAY         October 26, 2014 



Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time 


Parishioners of St. Ignatius Loyola 

 9:30 AM 

George A. Thomas 


Malachi McGuire 



Helen McGowan 



Special Intentions of Fr. Bernjamin 

 7:00 PM          Crispin Ramirez -Spanish  Mass 

Mark Stapleton, Cecilia McLaughlin, John & Mary 

D’Antonio,  Gloria Lane,  CPL. Garrett Carnes, 

USMC, Anna Palewski, Philip Zederbaum, Michael 

Maher, Patrick McGee, Dawn Levchenko, Harry 

Mulligan, John Lupski, Raymond Morris, Maria Es-

tupinan, Theresa Locke, Maureen Remsky, Joanne 

Wallick, Thomas Duffy, Margaret Kropac, Bridget 

and Anthony Tardugno, Brian Crowley, Newborn 

Luke Major, Mary Burdo, William Lee and Ernest 

Calza, Pedro Dobladillo, Infant Gabrielle Hailey 

Scannella, William Horbs, Stanley Braja, Rose 

Marie Heitschusen, Angelique  Cadarr, Phillip R. 

Sanita, Claire McCarthy, Jr. 


We Pray  

For Our Sick 


Francesco Marinelli 

Paul Anthony Daly 

Robert Korkuc (Uncle of Fr. Jim) 





. J





Sunday:       Is 45:1, 4-6; Ps 96:1, 3-5, 7-10; 


         1 Thes 1:1-5b; Mt 22:15-21 

Monday:      Eph 2:1-10; Ps 100:1b-5; Lk 12:13-21 

Tuesday:      Eph 2:12-22; Ps 85:9ab-14; Lk 12:35-38 

Wednesday: Eph 3:2-12; Is 12:2-3, 4bcd-6; Lk 12:39-


Thursday:    Eph 3:14-21; Ps 33:1-2, 4-5, 11-12, 18-19; 

                      Lk 12:49-53 

Friday:        Eph 4:1-6; Ps 24:1-4ab, 5-6; Lk 12:54-59 

Saturday:    Eph 4:7-16; Ps 122:1-5; Lk 13:1-9 

Sunday:       Ex 22:20-26; Ps 18:2-4, 47, 51;  


        1 Thes 1:5c-10; Mt 22:34-40 

We Celebrate our Sacraments 

Marriage Banns 


Mary Hannah, St. Ignatius Loyola 

William Heimerlie, St. Edwards,  

Syosset, NY 


Peter James Cona, St. Ignatius Loyola 

Christina Castillo, St. Raphael 

East Meadow 



Timothy Donahue, St. Ignatius Loyola 

Maria Portilli, Our Lady of Fatima Chapel 

                     Pequannock, NJ 

St  Ignatius Loyola Parish            





        October 19, 2014 






Sunday, October 12, 2014  $12,790 

Maintenance                       $   3,970 

Middle East                        $      902 


Sunday, October 13, 2013  $ 14,455


Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time 

Theme: The Greatest Commandment - "Love". 

Breaking Open the Word-  Suggested text for 

faith sharing:  Gospel Mt 22:34-40


When the Pharisees heard that Jesus had silenced 

the Sadducees, they gathered together, and one of 

them, a scholar of the law tested him by asking, 

"Teacher, which commandment in the law is the 

greatest?" He said to him, "You shall love the Lord

your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, 

and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the 

first commandment. The second is like it: 

You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  

The whole law and the prophets depend on these 

two commandments."                                           

Step One: Listen to the Word-As you listen once 

again to this familiar teaching of Jesus, what caught 

your ear in it today? What line or word from the 

reading lingers in your memory 

Step Two: Look into Your Life 

Question for Children: We show our love for Je-

sus by loving our friends and family. Share one way 

that you show your love. 

Question for Youth: Jesus tells us that we are to 

love others as we love ourselves. Do you love your-

self? Can you see the good that God has put within 

you? Do you find it easier to love others or your-


Question for Adults: Repeat the two command-

ments which Jesus teaches today in your own 

words? For each of them, share how it has become 

part of your life. 

As stated in last week’s bulletin, the parish garage 

sale on October 5th was a great success. Chairladies 

Karen Warner and Barbara Cheslock  thank every-



who participated in large and small ways. We 

would be remiss if we did not mention the following,:  

Thanks to the two youth groups that meet on Friday 

nights. They helped to transport all of the goods from 

the two garages to the auditorium.


As parents came 

to pick up their children, they joined the group of 

transporters. Special thanks to three men who stayed 

until 10:30 when the task was completed: Aldo Ca-

nalis, Jorge Cruz and Adonoy Calidonio.



 Thanks also go to the group of dedicated workers 

who set up  on Saturday and those 


 helped on the 

sale day: Lou Ellen Klints, Charlie and Gen Prancl, 

Kathy Dolan, Phyllis and Paul Partenio, Anna Marie 

Esquerra, Virginia Da Silva,  Darren Sadowski, 

Nancy Dodd, Peggy Gill, Brian Doyle, Ryan Wimbis-

cus, Carol Hogan and June Garger. A special thanks 

to Bill Cheslock for all his lifting and hauling, even 

days after the event


to the dedicated Facilities 


This sale was also a success because of all the peo-

ple who donated such wonderful and valuable treas-

ures. We’re happy to report that we made a profit of 



for St. Ignatius Church.



Again  a sincere thanks to all who participated in 

any way

St  Ignatius Loyola Parish                                                           October 19, 2014 





Stewardship Thought For the  Week 

The bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship reminds us, “Jesus not only calls people to Him but also 

forms them and sends them out in His service.  Being sent on a mission is a consequence of being disci-


Living Stewardship 


We are grateful this week for all STEWARDS in our parish who re-prioritize their giving in these chal-

lenging times and the faith to keep the mission of Christ first! 











I want to say “thank you” to all the volunteers 

who are giving their time to help the children in 

our parish. However, we are still in desperate 

need of  a catechist for the following grade level. 

Level     4-1 

Please prayerfully think about helping us and the 

children.  . If you are able to volunteer your time, 

please call Colleen at the Religious Education  

Office at 935-6873. Thank you       




The Vocational Education and Extension Board School of Practical Nursing 

invites you to attend an Open House, Sunday October 26


 from 9am to 2pm 

in the new school. Please stop by to see how this school is utilizing the building 

in their mission to help others become nurses. 

In the Gospel today, Jesus says: “Repay to Cae-

sar what belongs to Caesar and to God what be-

longs to God.”  When God is the center of our 

lives, there is no problem with giving others their 


Through your gift to the Society of St. Vincent 

de Paul, you are helping your neighbor who is 

hungry, hopeless and frightened to know that 

they belong to God

Open House 

Where:         St. John the Baptist Diocesan H.S. 


        Montauk Highway, West Islip  

When:         Today, October 19th 


10:30am to 2PM 

Open to families of 7th and 8th graders and in-

terested transfer students. If you have any ques-

tions call (631) 587-8000 Ext. 113 or visit their 

website stjohnthebaptisths.net  










Every year at this time the Church celebrates World Mission Sunday.  This is to remind us of our 

universal nature as a Church.  The word Catholic means universal.  As Catholic Christians, we are con-

nected to all of our brothers and sisters both poor and rich, young and old around the world.  We particu-

larly have a responsibility to take care of our brothers and sisters who are materially poor.  This is why we 

have the Missions.   


We are invited to reach out and help build the Church in Mongolia, the youngest member of our 

Catholic Church, as well as our local churches throughout the Missions, in the most remote area across the 

world.  Your prayers and generous gift to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, in the collection to-

day, help the world of priests, religious and lay leaders in Mongolia and throughout the Missions who of-

fer the poor practical help and the experience of God’s love and mercy, His hope and peace.  Pray for all 

our Missionaries like Fr. Saul of the Missionaries Javerianos de Yarumal, who served the Church in 

Kenya, Kammaroon, Ivory coast and Fr. Joe McCabe, MaryKnoll who has served our church in Africa and 

Russia.   We thank you for your generosity to this very worthy cause.   



In today’s Gospel, Jesus is put into a trap by the Pharisee, who did not support the tax to Rome, 

and the Herodians, who supported Caesar, with the question of paying taxes to Caesar.  Jesus in his own 

way, turns the tables on them, by saying that as good citizens we are to pay what is due the government.  If 

a government, represented by Caesar, becomes oppressive we are to correct it in peaceful ways.   


When Jesus says “give to God what is God’s”, he means that all areas of life belong to God.  Jesus 

is not splitting up a two world kingdom between Church and State.   Matthew 22 culminates this by Jesus 

telling us “you should love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and love one’s neighbor 

as oneself.”  Human beings, not coins, bear the true image of the living God and no edict from Caesar or 

any President, can absolve us from the mandate of loving God and to see God in our neighbor.  There are 

instances where we as a Catholic community can no longer be that silent majority allowing our govern-

ment to take an innocent life, such as the unborn or rob us of our freedoms in our expressions of faith. Nor 

should we allow the government to tell us who should be put to death when we believe that the image of 

God is found even in the worse of persons.  We are to stand up as people of life.    



Please join Nassau County’s VEEB School of Nursing for the Open House next Sunday, 



 located in what was called the new school.  This is a great addition to our parish helping us to 

help others in medicine and to pay our bills.  It is amazing what a little carpentry work can do to transform 

a building.   


The boiler has been installed to heat both of our buildings (Old School & VEEB).  Now we just 

need to pay the bill of  $54,000.  I realize that we have had many collections in the past,. however, this is 

very important to help keep our young people, catechists, parishioners and our renters warm.  Your gener-

osity is greatly appreciated.  


May we continue to do all things for the greater glory of God.  May God bless you and Mary keep 

you and your families always. St. Ignatius Loyola, pray for us!  

       On a personal note, I just lost my Uncle Bob Korkuc who died  last Saturday.  It is because of 

him and his family that I came to Long Island.  I shall be ever grateful to him. Please keep his family 

and my family in your prayers.  May Uncle Bob rest in God’s peace.  

Fr. Jim  


                           October 19,2014 



 Sunday in Ordinary Time 

                        World Mission Sunday    

                              Mt. 21:15-21                        

St  Ignatius Loyola Parish            





         October 19, 2014 

St. Ignatius Boy Scout Troop 382 

Pancake Breakfast 

When: Sunday, October 26, 2014 

Tine:  8am to 10am 

Cost:  $10. per person 

Where: Applebee’s  Restaurant 


938 S. Broadway, Hicksville 

For tickets or more information, please contact 

Maria at (516) 603-4555. 

Enjoy a short stack for a tall cause! 


Family Mass 


Family Mass will be celebrated  Sunday,    

October 26th at 9:30 am in the church.  All 

are invited and we would appreciate it if you 

could bring a non-perishable item for St. Igna-

tius Human Services. God bless you for your 

generosity. . 

October is dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary and Respect for Life


Here are some events taking place this month and we encourage our parishioners to join us. 


Monday, October 20th at 7:30pm and again on Thursday, October 23rd at 2PM we will have  Re-

spect Life Issues sponsored by Fr. Henry Stattler and the Respect Life Ministry of St. Martin’s in Beth-

page which will be held at St. Ignatius in Classroom 5 of the Old School. He will discuss topics on the 

beginning and ending of life and you will learn that the Church does not just say “no”- but offers healthy 



Friday, October 24th –Join us for  an evening of prayer with a Holy Hour with Jesus for Respect Life 

from 7:30pm to 8:30pm in the Church.  Please see flyer in this bulletin. 


Martha’s Guild Rosary Making 


The next session of Martha’s Guild Rosary Making will be Tuesday, October 

21st   from 7PM to 9PM in Room B of the Old School Cafeteria. 


St  Ignatius Loyola Parish      















This week at St. Ignatius Loyola 


Sunday, Oct. 19th 


Monday, Oct. 20th 

7:30a B,S. Sale Pancake Tickets 

9am Eagle Ct. of Honor  

7pm SCJ Youth Group          

9:30a Catholic Daughters 

7pm Dance-Spanish  


9:30aSentor de los-Practice       7pm Charismatic Spanish 

2pm Sentordelos Milagro 

7:30pm St Ann’s Prayer 

5pm Choir-Spanish 


7:30pm Respect Life  

5:30pm Baptism-Spanish 






Tuesday, Oct. 21st 


Wednesday, Oct. 22nd 

9:30am  Scripture Meeting 

7am Trip-Cloisters 

7pm Choir-Spanish 


5pm Rel  Upper Grades 

7pm Rosary Making 


5pm Children Choir 






Thursday, Oct. 23rd   

Friday, Oct. 24th 

2pm Respect for Life   

6pm Charismatic-Span 

6pm   CYO 



6:30pm GS Robotics 

7pm   Dance-Spanish               7pm SCJ Youth Group 

7pm  Lego Club  


7pm Mid. School Youth 

7pm Boy Scouts 382 

             7:30pm Pastoral Form. 









    Respect Life 
















8am  Rel .Lower Grades 
















Join us for World Youth Day in Poland-2016 

For more information, please contact Katie Crayne,   

email: kk02cray@gmail.com,  cell: (516) 353-0310 

or Carlos Campos, cell: (631) 671-4508, email: 


There is also a meeting on October 22nd at  

7:30 pm  in St. Agnes Parish Center regarding the 

trip to World Youth Day in Poland.  If interested, 

please contact Katie Crayne no later than October 









This week we received a letter from Alexander Paricak  from Boy Scout Troop 382 expressing his thanks 

to all our parishioners in making his car wash a huge success raising a total of $511. This money will be 

used to fund his Eagle Project for A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility. He also wants to give a big 

thank you to our Tony Condron for his tremendous support and cooperation with the car wash.  

Manhattan College invites you to attend a re-

ception for alumni and friends on Wednesday, 

Nov. 19th at the Rockville Links Club from 

6:30-8:30 p.m. at $30 pp.  

Visit manhattan.edu/alumni for more informa-

tion and to register. 

Calling All Jaspers!  



Editado por Ytala y Gabriel Ruiz 


     Boletín: 25 

Cuando leemos el evangelio de hoy, quizás pensemos 


Jesús al ascender nos ha dejado

, se 

ha ido excesivamente lejos, porque el cielo esta dema-

siado lejano para nosotros. Sin embargo 

el cielo 

no es más que la comunión con 


, volver a vivir en la plenitud, en la unidad con 

el Padre. Por eso, es tan importante tener fe, porque 

quien no la tiene no piensa en esa dimensión de la vi-

da  y vive más  apegado a la tierra. Pero para el cre-

yente, la fe es llegar a la meta, a la felicidad, al en-

cuentro personal con Dios al que hemos conocido a 

través de Jesús.. Jesús nos da fuerza, energía y ánimo 

para que llevemos Y COMPARTAMOS la Palabra re-

velada. Con toda claridad nos dice que 

no esta-

mos solos, 

que Él nos acompaña  en esta tarea que 

nos ha encomendado y cada vez que celebremos la Eu-

caristía se hace presencia entre nosotros y somos noso-

tros los que le seguimos los que tenemos que dar testi-

monio de el entre los más marginados de la tierra.  






A LAS 7:00 PM. 





:  A Las 5:30 PM. 

Segundo y Tercer Domingo de cada 

mes, en el sótano de la escuela. 

Padrinos, madrinas, papás y mamás 

deben asistir, y quedarse en la misa 

de las 7 PM. No es necesario hacer 

una cita para registrarse, pues en la 

clase lo hacen. No olvides traer el 

registro de nacimiento del niño (a). 




Octubre 25, Noviembre 29; Diciembre 27, 

Enero 24, Febrero 22, 2015. Comunícate 


749-4693 / 516-749-5135. Muchas Gracias 

por venir a las CLASES Y A LA MISA!




de 18 años en adelante. 

Te falta el Bautismo, la Primera 

Comunión, la Confirmación, el Ma-

trimonio? Por favor, habla con: 






BRE, en el sótano de la Escuela. 

4:30 pm. Hace parte de la clase que-

darse en la Misa de 7pm.  






Los ensayos son los 


a las 7:30 pm. Habla con Leiny. 

Gracias padres y responsables! 



Ya comenzamos! Sábados de 

9 a 11am.  

En el sótano de Servicions Humanos. 


Lissette Muñoz. Aprovecha! 


Pastor: Rev. James T. Stachacz  

Pastor asociado: Rev. Saúl Londoño 

Coordinación: Mario Gómez y Erika A. 

Consejera de la Comunidad: Julieta Mc. 

Catequesis: José Contreras y Mario Gómez 

Clases  Bautizos:  Roberto y Rosa Romero 

Clases Inglés: Lissette Muñoz, Néstary 

Martinez, Brenda & Ingrid Aguilar 

Comité  Festejos: Lorena Medrano, Erika 

y Jaime Aldana, Maribel Adames, Luis 

Reyes, Tesla Calderón, Ana Berrios, Rosa 

Molina, Cistina Díaz, Álvaro Meléndez. 

Comunicaciones: Ytala y Gabriel Ruiz, 

María Romero, Padre Saúl Londoño.  

Divina Misericordia: Delfina Hernández, 

Asunción Rivera . 

Ensayos Bodas , Celebraciones de 15-

16 años: Lorena Medrano, Leny  Esc.obar. 

Hospitalidad y Colectas: Marta Romero,  

Luis Reyes, Guadalupe Aguilar. 

Jardín Hispano: Guadalupe y Fidel Z. 

Lectura Misas de los Niños (as)

Viviana Echeverry y Dina Tenas. 

Liturgia Dominical  Niños (as): Carmen 

Gómez, Elva Cordone, Cindy Medrano, Dina. 

Ministerio de la Palabra: Jaime Aldana 

Ministerio de  los Enfermos: Rosio 

Rivera, Romy Taveras, Rosa Rodríguez. 

Ministerio Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:  

Karina del Mar  y  Jovana Arteaga.  

Ministerio de Música, Coro de los 

Niños y Danzas: Leiny y Antonio Escobar 

Ministros Extraordinarios de la 

Comunión y Sacristía: Juan Hernández, 

Rosío Rivera. 

Monaguillos (Servidores del Altar)  

Giselle Hernández,  padrinos y madrinas. 

Movimiento Familiar Cristiano 

Católico: Roberto y Rosa Romero. 

Pastoral Juvenil: Carlos  Campos, 

Lissette Muñoz, Ytala y Gabriel Ruiz, Isabel 

y Diego Gonzales, Carla Duran, Samuel 

Sanchez  y  padre  Saúl. 

Pre-Cana: Mario y Dora Gómez 

Renovación Carismática: Rosio Rivera,  

Rosa Gutiérrez  y Servidores.  

Seguridad: Orlando Cruz, Diego Echeverry 

Welcoming de países mas allá de 

nuestro CONTINENTE: 

Oscar Hernández 

Y Miguel Ángel Muñoz 










Anyone with a family member serving in the military, 

please forward their name and rank to our bulletin editor 

at  bulletin1859@aol.com or bring the name to our Rec-

tory Front Office. We pray to give all of our soldiers the 

courage and strength to do the duty that is required of 

them.  May they always remember our appreciation for 

the sacrifice they are making for us.  We are thankful 

for the men and women who are willing to risk their 

lives to protect our freedom.  I ask You to go with each 

of  them and protect them wherever they go. Amen. 

Sgt First Class. Matthew Loheide 

SSgt. Kevin J. Hennelly 

Lt. Jonathan W. Lang 

Lt. Jeanine A. Lang 

SPC Justin T. Sikorski 

Sgt. Mathew Burrafato 

DCC James Pennington 

Col. Paul J. Laughlin 

Gunnery Sgt. Dan Lalota 

Captain. Patrick O. Kelly, USMC 

Sgt. Thomas P. McLoughlin, USMC 

Atan Lisa Olynk,  USN 

M Sgt. Michael Marascia 

                    Sgt. Stephen L. Emlaw 



P.O.Third Class E-4 Kyle A. Kamermayer, Navy 

Major Edward A. McGoldrick, US Army 

Steven Orbon, 1st Lt., U.S. Army 

Lt. David Jacobs 

Pvt. Thomas Wright 

Airman Peter F. Clark, USAF 

Capt. Joseph Whittaker, USMC 

LCPL Michael J. Mc Ilwrath, USMC 

1st Lt. James Michael Vaz, U.S. Army 

Louis Bombardiere, USMC  

Gunnery Sgt. Brian Moran, USMC  

Second Lt. Bridget Flatley, USAF 

Cpt. Richard Macchio 

Pvt. Joseph Gergely, U.S.M.C. 

LTJG Alie Disher, U.S.N. 

LTJG John Patrick Orr, USN, C.E.C. 

PVC Andrew Hughes  

Airman Denis C. Clark, USAF 

Sgt. Lotachukwu Okoye 

1st Lt. Brian W. Way, USMC 


PFC. Christopher Paradiso, U.S.M. 

PFC Jim Arbelaez, US Marine 

SPC Dustin Lusby 

LTJG Christopher Medford, US Navy 

Lt. Lindsay Conte, USN 

Sgt. Matthew Mercurio 

Sgt. Phillip Michael Yopp, U.S. Army 

St. Ignatius Loyola Parish         





October 19, 2014 

Vendors Wanted 

St. Ignatius Boy Scouts Troop 382 

Craft Fair 

When: Sunday, November 30th 

Time:  9am to 4pm 

Where: St.  Ignatius  Loyola  Parish, E. Nicholai St. 


Hicksville. (Msgr. Tarrant Hall) 

If interested, please call the following contacts by 

November 10, 2014: 

Maria at (516) 942-7910 

 Debbie at (516) 455-4356  

Or e-mail Troop382craftfair@gmail.com 


Location is Handicapped Accessible 

Chess Club


You are invited to join  Mr. Toner and the Chess 

Club in the New School Cafeteria  for friendly 

games  Sun., October 26th  from 2:00 p.m. to 

4:00 .m  All ages and all levels of players, from 

beginners to advanced, are encouraged to come 

down and play. Chess sets will be provided or 

you can bring your own set if you have one. For 

more information, call the Rectory at 931-0056.  

Happening 2014 Dance 


Saturday, November 8, 2014 


7pm to 12AM 


$45 per person 


Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal 






1434 Straight Path, Wyandanch   

Entertainment:      DJ 

There will be a Happy Hour with beer, wine and 

soda plus a Buffet Dinner with coffee, tea and 


Donations of completed Raffle Baskets can be 

brought to their parish office or you can call  

(631) 643-7568. 

St. Ignatius Loyola Parish         





October 19, 2014 

Catholic Daughters Dinner Dance 


Looking for a hopping Saturday 

night?  We have it all for you!  


Music, dancing, lessons, food, raffles, 

and more!  


Saturday, Nov. 15th, the Catholic Daugh-

ters are hosting a dinner dance at St. 

Ignatius Loyola.  

Join in on the free dance lesson given by 

the Huntington Lindy Hoppers.   

Come dressed in your best "vintage 

style" from the 40s and 50s.  Then show 

off your steps to jazz and lindy stylings 

of the Tommy James Quartet.   


A hot buffet, BYOB, raffles, and a 

50/50 will round out the night.  To get 

your tickets early, contact Marian at 516

-938-9285 or scotti3@optonline.net. 

Doors Open: 7:00 PM 

Lesson: 7:30 PM 

Band: 8:00 PM 

Location: St. Ignatius Loyola Church, 

Monsignor Tarrant Hall (LIE Exit 41 S 

1.5 miles on Rt. 107) 

Tickets: $25 (includes buffet and dance 



Widows and Widowers, Divorced and 

Single Catholics of Long Island 

         New Member Orientation 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014 




St. Frances De Chantal School 




Please bring proof of single status to join. 

Refreshments will follow after meeting. 


For further information, please call Carol at 

(516) 794-4933 or Eileen at (516) 661-4353. 

St. Ignatius Loyola Parish         





October 19, 2014 

Bus Trip to the Sands Casino 

Bethlehem, PA 

Hosted by  St. Ignatius Loyola’s  

Catholic Daughters of the Americas 


When:             Tuesday, November 11, 2014 

Cost:              $42 per person, which includes 




Give back:  

$30 slot play and $5 food  



Bus leaves at 9 am sharp. Please 



arrive at 8:30 am. Return approx. 




We will meet at the Burns Ave.  



Elementary School,  Burns Ave.  


Reservations: call Barbara at (516) 935-5576 


The first to pay is the first on the bus, 


Family, Marriage, and  

Individual Therapy 

Family, marriage, and individual  therapy, pro-

vided by New York State licensed therapists, 

are available to our parish and 147 other par-

ishes.  This program, under the direction of Dr. 

George Giuliani, has been conducted in the 

Diocese for the past 38 years for the conven-

ience of parishioners.  It is  provided by the 

Catholic Counseling Center, a proprietary pro-

fessional corporation, which is independent of 

and not controlled or supervised by the parish 

or Diocese.  Most insurance policies, including 

Medicare, are honored.   For confidential in-

formation and appointments, please call  Dr. 

Giuliani at the Catholic Counseling Center at  

(631) 243-2503 or go to their website: the-

catholiccounselingcenter.com.  All their thera-

pists have always been licensed psychologists 

or licensed clinical social workers. 

Church Ministries 

Thinking about becoming a liturgical minister or want to share your talents? 

Please complete the following form: 

I would like to volunteer in the following parish ministry: 

(  )  Altar Server 






(  ) Hospitality 






(  ) RCIA 







(  ) Liturgy with Children 








(  ) Consolation Minister 
















(  ) Catholic Ministry Appeal   




(  ) Adult Lending Library 

(  )  St. Vincent de Paul Society 




(  )  Human Services 

(  ) Stewardship 





            (  ) Electrician 





Phone____________________________________      E-mail__________________________ 


Please place in collection basket or return to Rectory Office. Thank you.   









Thank You to all who have given so generously to the Catholic Ministries Appeal. 

We still have some more ground to cover. Currently, here are our statistics as of September 30, 2014: 

Goal: $80,000.00 

Total Pledged: $64,394  

            Number of Donors: 340 




Total Paid:       $59,422  


Percentage of Goal:  74% 

It does not matter how large or how small your donation is. It is the thought and giving from one’s means 

that counts. When we make 80% of our goal, we receive money back. Fr. Jim, Pastor. 


Mrs. Elvira Baroletti, Ms. Jo Ann Brancato, M/M Ernest Calza, Mrs. Eleanor Chambers, Peter Cunning-

ham, M/M Joseph D. Curley, Ms. Carmella and Joan Doucette, M/M Paul Drago, M/M Joseph Dubon,  

M/M Eugene Eckerle, M/M Kenneth Fitzgerald, Mrs. Catherine Fowler, M/M Andrew Garger, M/M Ray-

mond Guckengerger, Ms. Frances M. Gullo, M/M Richard Hammond, M/M Henry Handschuh, Mrs. Rose 

M. Heitshusen, Mrs. Rita Horney, Joseph Horodecki, M/M Edward Hughes, M/M Jeremiah Hyde,  

M/M Michael Jones, M/M William Lee,  M/M Joseph Loheide, M/M Dennis McKenna, Mrs. Julieta 

McLaughlin, Rory Mercurio, Mrs. S. Mieckowski, M/M E. Milacek, M/M Anthony Montlbano, Ms. Joan 

Nadal, M/M Vincent Ramundo, M/M Robert Renner, M/M John Rigert, M/M Patrick Scotti, Ms. Ann 

Shearer, M/M B. Sierra, Mrs. Mary Spadola, Emil J. Valdes, Thomas F. Varvaro, Sr., Frederick 

Youngblood, Mrs. Mary Zadrozny, Ms. Karen M. Anderone, M/M Richard Aubain, M/M Joseph Basso, 

Mrs. Dorothy Beck, M/M Robert Becker, M/M Anthony Bennardo, M/M S. Bento, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, 

M/M Kenneth Bruder, M/M James Butler, Louis Cali, Ms. Ginamarie Cassiero, M/M Cono Cimino, M/M 

Thomas Clark, Mrs. Eleanor Crosio, Mrs. Joan Cunningham, M/M Robert Czarniecki, Mrs. Kathleen 

Dammes, M/M Edward Danowksi, Michael Dempsey, M/M J. Dennean, Mrs. Antonina DeVito, M/M Ed-

ward Dodd, M/M G. Doherty, Joan Eckard, Ms. Elizabeth Fitzgibbon, M/M John Flanagan, M/M Jeffrey 

Foster, James and Joann Garofolo, Ms. Susan Giles, Mrs. Jean Giovanniello, M/M Norman Gluf, Mrs. 

Janet Graziose, Mrs. Marie Hahn, M/M William Hanner, Mrs. Anne Harkins, Mrs. Jo Ann Hayes, M/M 

John Hickey, M/M Daniel Hogan, Edward Hojnowski, M/M John Huber, M/M Benny Joseph, Frank Kas-

sel, Robert J. Kluck, M/M Mitchell Koprowski, Miss Phyllis Kowalski, M/M Raymond LaGuarina,  

Mrs. Rita LaMonte, Mary Ann Lang, M/M Joseph Lap, M/M James Lever, Ms. Teresa Loheide, Mrs. 

Marie Londino, M/M William MacMelville, M/M Frank Marangiello, M/M O. Marchione, Sr., M/M 

James Martillo, D. Mastrianna, George McEntee, Mrs. Edward McLean, Ms. Loretta McNierney, Mrs. 

Rose McGeever, M/M T. Mierzejewski, Mrs. Joan Milano, M/M Ray Mirro, M/M Anthony Monti, Mrs. 

Florence Morris, Mrs. Mary Ann Neber, Mrs. Elinor Nolan, M/M George O’Grady, Mrs. Peter O’Reilly, 

Mary Orlando, M/M John O’Sullivan, M/M Thomas Palmeri, M/M O. Pascucci, M/M Thomas Pfeifer, M/

M Thomas Pramberger, M/M F. Pruziner, M/M Robert Rabbitt, Ms. Betsy Regan, M/M Stephen Rindos, 

Mrs. Dorothy Rogoza, Mrs. Francis Rusowicz, M/M John Russell, M/M Francis Rybak, Mrs. Jerome 

Sauer, Dr. Edward Saueracker, M/M John Schiavone, M/M H. Schleith, M/M Joseph Scimone, Mrs. Rose 

Scrofani, M/M Jakob  Sehne, M/M Raymond Seidman, Mrs. Theodore J. Siry, Miss Lois Smith, M/M 

Thomas Smith, Mrs. Marion Starnes, M/M Robert Stengl, Mrs. Maureen Sullivan, Mrs. John Szabo, M/M 

Henry A. Totter, Thomas J. Walsh, Ms. Karen Warner, M/M Frank Way, Mrs. Grace Way, Mrs. Donald 

Wetzel, M/M Anthomy Wigdzinski, Miss Christine Willant, M/M A. Woessner, Mrs. Mary Yorke, Mrs. 

Gordon Zaino, Pat Zanzonico, M/M William Bohnemann, Mrs. Marie Boschert, M/M J. Brigandi, M/M 

Thomas Burt, M/M Robert Cassiero, M/M Hector Castro, M/M Paul Cesare, M/M William Cheslock, M/

M Peter Collins, M/M Brian Coyle, M/M Patrick Devlin, M/M C. Dougherty, M/M John Duca, Mrs. Mil-

dred Duffy, M/M Anthony Espinal, Mrs. Maureen Gallagher, M/M Joseph Geary, Jr., M/M A. Geitner, 











M/M Thomas Gill, M/M Henry Goessmann, M/M Joseph Gomez, M/M William Gorney, Mrs. Florence 

Gries, Jeanette and Linda Grossi, M/M F. Guarasci, Ms. Marie Guastella, George Hatalsky, M/M Richard 

Heaney, M/M Charles Heyer, Walter Huzior, M/M Joseph Jablonsky, M/M Fred Jaeger, Mrs. Mary John-

son, M/M Stanley Kacprzcki, M/M Thomas Kennedy, Paul Kraus, Sr., M/M Ronaldo Lacsa, Virginia F. 

Lahee, M/M William J. Lawrence, M/M John Lennon, M/M Albert V. Libardi, Mrs. Catherine Maggio, 

Deacon and Mrs. George Mais, M/M John T. Martin, Mrs. Patricia A. McGee, Patrick McHugh, Mrs. 

Diana McNamee, M/M Jerry McCarthy, Robert McCarthy, M/M William Meddis, M/M John Meyer, M/

M L. Moore, Miss Ann Morris, M/M Kevin V. Mullady, M/M J. Mulligan, Mrs Anne M. Murphy, M/M 

Salvatore Napoli, Mrs. Margaret O’Shea-Schell, M/M Luis Pina, M/M Henry Puerta, M/M John Radonic, 

M/M Edwin Rodriguez, M/m Gioacchino Russo, R. Salata, M/M Robert Stattler, Ms. Alice Schwartz, M/

M A. Sciabarassi, M/M Eugene Sebastiano, M/M Monte Seid, Mrs. James Shea, Mrs. Hannelore A. 

Stadler, Ms. Alice C. Stephens, Ms. Barbara Stevick, Jay Tan, Romelinda Taveras, M/M George Thomas, 

M/M Stanley Trojanowski, M/M Eamon Tuohy, M/M John Vaz, Ms. Nancy Jo Walters, Mrs. Norma 

Wedlock, M/M Joseph Whittaker, M/M Dino Zaino, M/M Alexander Abruzzo, M/M A. Belevan, Rev. 

Msgr. Donald T. Bennett, M/M N. Berger, Ms. Rita Bergin, Ms. Barbara Boyle, Mrs. Sharlene Brennan, 

Joseph Carlino, Mrs. Theresa Connolly, M/M Robert DeLorenzo, M/M Walter Duffy, M/M Anthony 

Franzese, Mrs. Catherine Klein, Mike Kremler, Mrs. Lucille Kruper, Ms. Joan Maraldo, Mrs. Carl Mize, 

Ms. Kathleen Mize, Mrs. Dorothy Mulligan, M/M Albert Nittoly, Ms. Kathleen O’Grady, M/M John 

Pelle, Anonymous, Miss Alicia Reilly, Ms. Ann Patricia Smith, Ms. Patricia A. Smith, Kevin Stolz, Mrs. 

Ann P. Stutts, M/M P. Suppa, M/M Gary Tietjen, M/M Shawn Baker, Mrs. Constance Clarke, M/M Don-

ald Cleary, Jr., M/M Frank DiRocco, M/M Kazimierz Geslak, Mrs. Ann Giorgio, Maryanne Meade Gold-

berg, Roger Haddad, Mrs. Jean Heppell, M/M Donald Johnston, M/M Dermot Joyce, M/M Michael Ken-

nedy, M/M Michael Krummenacker, M/M Emanuel LaGatta, M/M Michael Lamberti, M/M John W. Lup-

ski, Sr., M/M G. McGinnis, Marian McNamara, M/M Richard Peters, M/M Marco Pizzo, M/M James 

Reinheimer, Peter Riordan, M/M Allen Ryan, M/M Paul Sheridan, M/M Joseph Simicic,  

Rev. James T. Stachacz, M/M William Stearns, Denzil Tarakan, Verizon Matching Gift, M/M William 

Wesnofske, Marie Mancini, M/M Antonio Zoleta, M/M Francis Conte, M/M Martin Conway, Ms. Louise 

DeRosa, Mrs. Jessie Doyle, Janet L. Ficke, Terence Lee, Lenti Family,  M/M Michael Marinaro, Jr.,   

Ms. Dea McBride, M/M Richard Nedell, Ms. Janice Oehler, Mrs. Maria Price, M/M Douglas Quinn, 

Mrs. Virginia Rauch, M/M George Reichle, M/M Joseph Russo, M/M John Sandy, Ms. Sylvia Smith, St. 

Ignatius Loyola Church, M/M Douglas Walpole, Mrs. Eleanor Aldridge, Peter Aull, M/M William Bainis, 

Arthur A. Budich, M/M Robert Cassese, Ms. Patricia Cassiero, M/M J. Kenny, Edward McGunnigle, Mrs. 

Victoria Rakowski, Mrs. Madeline Small, M/M Francis Sticco, Jr., Mrs. Elizabeth Stouges, Mrs. Joseph 

Varley, M/M G. Della Ratta. 



Holy Name of Jesus Church, 690 Woodbury Rd., Woodbury 


Friday, October 24th at 8PM  



Preview and Registration at 7pm 

There will be over 150 lots, featuring Vince Camuto watches, Lancaster 

County hand-stitched quilts, sports memorabilia, gift certificates, jewelry, 

crafts and more.  For more information, please call (631) 692-7897. 

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