Lesson Speed dating Real World finding things in common Review question forms; auxillary verbs Speed dating

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Lesson 4. Speed dating

Lesson 4. Speed dating

Real World finding things in common
Review question forms; auxillary verbs
Speed dating
Speed dating is quick, fun, and exciting - and you could meet the love of your life!
This is how it works: 25 men and 25 women get together in a friendly bar and sit at tables for two. They have three minutes to talk to each other. When the date is finished, a bell rings. Then all the men move to the next table. If you want to meet a person again, you tick his or her name on a card. At the end of the evening you hand in your cards. If there’s a match, we send you the other person’s email address. And after that it’s up to you!

  1. Read the advert for a speed dating company. Answer the questions.

  1. How long is each speed date?

  2. How many people do you meet?

  3. What do you do if you like a person?

  4. What happens if this person also ticks your name?

Real World. Finding things in common

  1. a)Look at these sentences and responses. Then choose the correct words in the rule.

I really love travelling. So do I.
I don’t go out much. Neither do I.

  • We use so/neither to agree with positive sentences and so/neither to agree with negative sentences.

  1. Look at these sentences and responses. Do these people agree or disagree?

I don’t like cycling. Oh, I do.
I’m a vegetarian. Oh, I’m not.

  1. Fill in the gaps in the table



I’m a bit nervous.

Oh, I'm not.

I can't speak Turkish.

Neither can 1.

I ve got a dog.

I don’t go out much.

5 I had a great time.

So did 1.

  1. Write ways to agree and disagree with these sentences.

  1. I don’t like meat.

Neither do I. /Oh I do.

  1. I’m quite tired.

  2. I went out last night

  3. I haven’t got a mobile.

  4. I hate getting up early.

  5. 1 can speak Russian.

  6. I didn’t sleep well

  7. I’m not from this town.

  1. R. 1.12 Listen and agree with tight different sentences. Then listen again and disagree with them.

I’m not married.
Neither am I.

  1. Write six sentences about you. Start each sentence with one of these phrases.

I love ... I don’t like…
I went … I didn’t go ...
I’m ... I’m not...
I’ve got... I haven't got...
I can ... I can’t...
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