Lesson 2 Topic: English-speaking countries

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Lesson 2

Topic: English-speaking countries.

Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are English speaking countries. They are situated in different parts of the world and differ in many ways. The nature of these countries, their weather and climate and way of life of their people differ. Each country has its own history customs, traditions, its own national holidays. But they all have a common language. English is the language of the people who left England to make their names in new countries. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland consist of 4 parts: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. The British Isles are group of islands lying off the north-west coast of the continent of Europe. There are no high mountains, no very long river, no great forest in U.K. The population of the U.K. is almost fifty-six million. Great Britain is a capitalistic country. The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent. The population of the USA is more than 236 million people. The USA is a highly developed industrial country. In the USA there are two main political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Canada has area of nearly 10 million square kilometers. It's western coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean and its eastern coast by the Atlantic Ocean. The population of Canada is over 26 million people. Canada is a capitalist federal state and a member of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth of Australia territories are the continent of Australia, the island of Tasmania and number of smaller islands. Australia has an area of nearly eight million square kilometers. The population of Australia is over sixteen million people. The Commonwealth of Australia is a capitalist self- governing federal state. New Zealand is situated south-east of Australia. The country consists of the large islands called North Island, South Island and Stewart Island and also many small islands. The population of New Zealand is over three million people. New Zealand is a capitalist self-governing state and a member of the Commonwealth.

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