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Lecture 8. Phonetic stylistic device.
1.Informativity of the text-the main category of the text.
2.Types of information.
3.Implicitness of the text as an important aspect of a literary study.
4.Types of Implications.
5 . Symbols. Cultural and literary symbols.
Key words:
Factual information, conceptual information, sub textual information, implied information, the theme and idea of the text, plot structure, components of the composition of literary text, explicit and implicit information, implicit title, implication of precedence, implicit detail.
Informativity is the main category of the text, its ability to convey information, i.e. certain meaningful contents. The concept of information embraces a number of problems, one of them is the problem of the new (the unknown). The report, which is new, rises much interest of the reader, on the contrary, the information which being repeated loses its value and as a result ceases to be information.
We distinguish the following kinds of information:
content—factual information (C.F.I.)
content—conceptual information (C.C.I.)
content - sub-textual information (C.S.I.)
C.F.I, contains reports about facts, processes which took place or are taking place or will take place in the surrounding world, real or imaginary.
C.C.I. conveys to the reader the author's individual understanding of the relations described by means of C.F.I., individuals and their complex psychological, aesthetic and cognitive interaction.
C.S.I, is a kind of sub-current, concealed information that can be derived from C.F.I, thanks to the ability of the language units and connotative meanings as well thanks to the ability of sentences united into syntactical wholes to convey increment of sense.
Subtext is the meaning of some events or remark, which is felt by a reader but not expressed by the words in the imaginative text, it's a purely linguistic phenomenon connected with the ability of sentences to engender additional sense thanks to different structural peculiarities. It is difficult to catch it in the first reading and it requires more thorough observation in the second or third reading. It's a kind of additional information, which arises thanks to the reader's ability to see the text as a combination of a linear and super linear information. The greater is the wealth and diversity of the reader's thesaurus the more is the ability to perceive the untold and implied things in the text. Informativity of the text presupposes definite requirements of the choice of theme and idea of any literary text.

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