Learn About Your Health

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Learn About Your Health 

Find the health information you need on 

MedlinePlus. Learn about diseases, drugs, 

research, and other important health issues.  

Read health information in your native 





Use What You Learn 

Everyone can use good health information. 

With MedlinePlus, you can: 

  Help a friend or family member make a 

health decision 

  Learn more about treatment options for 

many health conditions 

  Know what questions to ask your doctor 

  Find doctors, dentists, and hospitals in 

your area! 

Need Help? 

Librarians can help you find the health 

information you need so you know the right 

questions to ask your doctor and make good 

decisions.  Visit your local public library, call 

the NN/LM office toll-free at 800-338-7657 

or visit the web site at  



About MedlinePlus 

MedlinePlus is a web site that offers free, high 

quality health information in English

Spanish, and more than 40 other languages.  

Trained professionals choose materials that are 

current, accurate, and reliable. 

MedlinePlus was created for consumers by the 

National Library of Medicine.   



This brochure was developed by NN/LM 

staff; it may be freely reproduced from the 

Internet at: 


Updated: June 2008 





Have you or a family member ever 

been in a situation like this? 




Maria’s doctor told her 

she has diabetes.  She 

wants to find out more 

about the medications to 

help her manage her 







Julian hurt his knee 

while mountain biking.  

He wants to know his 

options including 

arthroscopic surgery 

and other treatments. 




Clara has to do a 

school assignment 

about the causes of 

asthma and how to 

treat it. 




What You Can Find 

Health Topics 

Get information about diseases, health 

conditions, and staying well.  

  Find out what a disease does to your body 

and how to treat it.   

  Learn about clinical studies that you can 

join to help find a cure.   

  Locate organizations that sponsor support 

groups and information about a particular 

disease or condition. 



  Find health information in more 

than 40 languages on many health topics. 

Drugs and Supplements 

Find out about your prescription, over-the-

counter medicines, herbs, and supplements.   

  Learn how to take a drug and what it 

does to your body.  

  Find out about the side effects of a drug. 

  Find information about safety and 

effectiveness of herbs and supplements. 


Read the latest news about research that affects 

your health.   

  Covers many health topics like cancer, high 

blood pressure, and vitamins.   

  New articles are added every day, and 

stories are available for up to 90 days. 







Special Features  

Interactive Tutorials

 are slideshows that tell you 

about a health condition or medical test. 



 pages use plain language to help 

you understand diseases and conditions.  


Email Announcement Lists

 alert you when 

new topics are added to the web site. 







Medical Encyclopedia 

Perfect for doing homework for school!  The 

encyclopedia has pictures and diagrams to help 

you understand medical words, tests and 







Be sure to talk to your doctor 

or nurse if you have questions 

about your health! 


MedlinePlus Homepage: http://medlineplus.gov 

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