Koma building Products and Boston Cedar Partner in Northeast

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Contact: Joe Biss Web: www.komabuildingproducts.com

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KOMA Building Products and Boston Cedar Partner in Northeast
Monday, September 30, 2013 (Huntsville, AL) - KOMA Building Products, a division of Kommerling, USA, and Mansfield, Massachusetts-based Boston Cedar, have reached a distribution agreement regarding the entire KOMA product line that becomes effective in the Northeast U.S. on Friday, November 1, 2013.
Professional builders and remodelers throughout the Northeast will benefit from the combination of the manufacturing expertise of KOMA, and the close to 30 years of innovative marketing, educational leadership and distribution excellence that Boston Cedar is recognized for. As part of the agreement, the entire breadth of products offered by KOMA will now be much more readily available throughout the Northeast.
From his Huntsville, AL office, Mr. C.W. St. John, General Manager of Kommerling USA, shared these thoughts - “For more than 15 years Boston Cedar has been instrumental in helping builders and remodelers realize the many benefits of PVC trim. Of course we’re quite proud for the opportunity to partner with such a great company, and know that, together, we’ll be able to better supply, support and further grow this important professional building sector.” Rob Ankner, chairman of Boston Cedar, explained why he chose KOMA Building Products as his new partner – “To further our goal of helping our customers succeed, by always providing them with the highest levels of quality and service in everything we offer, we’re choosing KOMA, because it is important to us to be aligned with the company known for manufacturing the highest quality PVC building products. We also believe our relationship with KOMA helps expand our PVC presence, and gives us the flexibility we’re looking for as we implement initiatives designed to increase sales in the entire PVC trim category.
About KOMA Building Products

Long known for manufacturing free foam and Celuka PVC trim boards and sheets in our 100,000 square foot facility in Huntsville, Alabama, KOMA Building Products, a division of Kommerling USA, also offers many other valuable building products, including corner and bead boards, Plantation™ porch flooring, moldings, soffit, and water tables.

KOMA products feature our unique Celuka extrusion process, giving them the hardest, most durable surface of any PVC building product. KOMA products look, feel and work just like wood, but are impervious to moisture, insects, and just about anything else. Our products won't swell, rot, split, delaminate, cup or craze, even under the harshest conditions.
About Boston Cedar

Based in Mansfield, MA, Boston Cedar has built a solid reputation for integrity and responsiveness and boasts some of the best distributor sales representatives and management professionals in the industry.

Boston Cedar is an independent wholesale building materials distributor specializing in trim, decking, railing, and siding. Serving the Northeast region for nearly 30 years, the company has differentiated itself through its dedicated focus on independent retail lumber and building materials dealers, and its commitment to delivering quality products, innovative marketing solutions and educational programs for professional builders and remodelers.
For more information about KOMA Building Products, please contact Mr. Joe Biss at joe.biss@kommerlingusa.com or 800.330.2239.

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