Junior Supplier Compliance Analyst Your new company

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Junior Supplier Compliance Analyst - Poland

Junior Supplier Compliance Analyst

Your new company
You will join our Client, an international, globally well-known company, located in Warsaw, Poland. 

Your new role
You will be in charge of:

  • Calling suppliers and ensuring the suppliers understand company’s requirements

  • Calling suppliers to debottleneck non progressing suppliers in company’s supplier compliance solution

  • Act as trusted consultants on behalf of the company

  • Escalate supplier non-progress on time to next level to seek resolution

  • Ensure that suppliers are end-to-end managed until they are onboarded in company’s prequalification system

  • Review of supplier inputs to the onboarding and raise red flags

  • Coordinate and resolve red flags

Ideal experience
We are looking to hire Candidate with:

  • Willingness to develop in the area supplier compliance

  • Good written and spoken communication

  • Experience of customer relationship management

  • Time and outcome-based mindset

  • Service and goal-oriented mindset

  • Communication & language skills (if you know any of these languages, it is an added advantage – Turkish, Czech, Finish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, French, German)

  • Hands on experience & Knowledge of Coupa risk assess solutions is an asset

What you'll get in return
You will be offered a challenging and exciting career in an ambitious working environment characterized by high pace, drive, sustainability and diversity. In this role you will have exposure to senior stakeholders both internally and externally. The right person will have ample opportunity for personal and professional development and for building a large network of highly qualified colleagues and influential stakeholders.
Yüklə 16,93 Kb.

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