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March 2015
The RCN Foundation and Florence Nightingale Foundation announce a continuation of their Travel Scholarships partnership.

A partnership between the RCN Foundation and Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) was heralded in 2014 offering 10 Travel Scholarships of up to £5,000 each, over the three years to 2016.

The scholarships will be used to fund nurses and midwives exploring UK and international evidence for the improvement of care for patients with long term conditions, through enhancing clinical leadership.

“This is a great opportunity for nurses and midwives wishing to demonstrate the role of clinical leadership in the management of long term conditions.  We would be particularly interested in applicants who wish to travel and study new models of care, patient safety and improvement projects, and bring back evidence to improve the care of people with long term conditions in their local community and the wider UK.” said Elizabeth Robb, Chief Executive of the Florence Nightingale Foundation.

The RCN Foundation awarded the grant to the FNF who will oversee the administration of the Travel Scholarships and be the main contact for applications.

“The travel scholarship partnership is an important element of the Foundation’s scholarship and bursaries programme and fits in with the Foundation’s aims of supporting the Nursing community professionally and personally. The Foundation is pleased to continue our partnership with the Florence Nightingale Foundation and supports this scheme to enable Nurses and Midwives to explore innovation in their fields to improve patient care back in their workplaces. ’ said Robert Sowney Chair of the RCN Foundation

Applicants can find out more details and on how to apply for the Travel Scholarships by visiting the Florence Nightingale Foundation website; or by contacting the Administrator by emailing:  

Past recipients have said

‘My aim is to explore how we could learn from different techniques and how this can be applied within my workplace. The Scholarship has made this opportunity possible.’
2014 Recipient

‘The Scholarship has provided me with an opportunity to have greater understanding on current research and clinical practice.’

2014 Recipient

Note to editors:
The RCN Foundation is independent registered charity supporting the needs of nurses, midwives and health care assistants as well as nursing students.

The Florence Nightingale Foundation is a registered charity supporting nurses and midwives with scholarships, mentoring and promoting innovation in practice to meet changing needs and improve patient care.

Chris Wingrove, FMC Officer, RCN Foundation

RCN Foundation, 20 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0RN,

Tel: 020 7647 3651, email:

Elizabeth Robb, Chief Executive of Florence Nightingale Foundation

34 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0DH,

Tel: 020 7730 3030, email:

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