Job Title: Assistant Cook Reports To: Camp Administrator and works directly with Head Cook Compensation Range

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Camp WYOBA Assistant Cook

Job Description

Job Title: Assistant Cook

Reports To: Camp Administrator and works directly with Head Cook

Compensation Range: Shift Pay $70 - $85/per day based on applicant’s skills and experience. Approximately 30-35 shifts. Assistant Cook needed June 21-July 30, 2014.

Benefits: Includes housing at the camp on Casper Mountain and meals when camp is in session.

Job Summary/Function: The Assistant Cook helps the Cook in the preparation and serving of camp meals; plus maintenance of the kitchen and serving area in a clean and sanitary manner.
Description of the Camp: Camp WYOBA, a rustic Christian camp located on Casper Mountain in Wyoming, operates between Memorial Day and Labor Day running American Baptist youth camps and other guests.
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the cook in the preparation of camp meals.

  • Adhere for ABCRM Employee Handbook

  • Serve camper and guests before yourself.

  • Plan work tasks effectively so all meals are served to campers on time and properly prepared.

  • Clean and sanitize the kitchen, storage and serving areas.

  • Maintain effective work relationships with other staff members.

  • Washing dishes, taking out trash, and performing other kitchen duties.

  • Perform other duties as needed.

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Works well as a “team player.”

  • Knowledge or willingness to learn standards of food preparation, kitchen procedures and clean-up.

  • Demonstrated ability to cook for large groups preferred.

  • Desire and ability to work in a rustic camp setting. Requires good health and stamina. Be able to stand for long periods of time.

  • Ability to accept supervision and guidance.

  • Good character, integrity, able to adapt to changing schedules, & patience.

  • Available to work from mid-June through mid-August and some weekends in September if available. Specific days off will be negotiated with the Camp Administrator and/or the Wyoba Personnel Committee.

(Revised March 2014)
Yüklə 5,45 Kb.

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