In ancient times, people treated themselves with various herbs

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In ancient times

In ancient times, people treated themselves with various herbs. because medicine was not developed at that time, but even now some people use herbs to treat themselves, but this is wrong because medicine has developed in modern times.

In our time, medicine has developed, and as in previous times, people treat themselves by drinking all kinds of medicines, not with herbs. but even so, some people continue to use herbs to this day. in some cases, this can cause bad symptoms, that is, there can be cases of death. Nowadays, the number of diseases is increasing day by day, and the herbs used against these diseases may not be a cure for the current disease. there are people who deceive people through these herbs. Even if the disease is different, they will give you other herbs, which is really bad.

In my opinion, it is very good to believe in modern medicine, because the medicines they are creating are created by scientists living in other countries, and these scientists create different medicines for every disease, which is very good. Most of the medicines created in modern advanced medicine are also prepared from useful herbs. therefore, if you get sick, contact your doctor immediately and take the medicines they recommend. it is very useful for your health. It is better to take medicines recommended by doctors than to use different herbs because they have studied in this field for 4-5 years.

In short, it shows that we should consume the drugs recommended by modern medicine rather than the herbs we used in the past.
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