Improving the theoretical framework of internal audit in the corporate governance system

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CHIZIQLI FUNKSIY, maqola noyabr, m(2), Fransuz klassik maktablari (F. Buagelberg va F.Kenelarning iqtisodiy nazariyalari), Ma\'lumotnoma

Jumayeva Gulrukh Jurakulovna - Karshi Engineering-Economics Institute “Department of Accounting and Auditing” PhD., Associate Professor

Jumayeva Gulrukh Jurakulovna- KEEI,

Associate Professor of “Accounting and auditing”,

candidate of scientific sciences , 998972945510

Yakhshikulova Mokhinur Tokhir qizi - Karshi Engineering-Economics Institute

master's degree student

Yakhshikulova M.T.-KEEI,,


Abstract: This article describes the role and importance of internal audit in enterprises in the corporate governance system, as well as the existing problems in its organization. It is based on the issues of improving the theoretical framework for the organization of internal audit in the corporate governance system.

Keywords: corporate governance, enterprise, internal audit, investor, proprietor, creditor, investment, financial account, report.


Today, the rapid globalization of the economy and the influx of economic integration processes require the use of the most effective forms and methods of managing enterprises. There is of particular importance in enterprises based on corporate governance, and it is desirable to increase their exposure. But the analysis shows that currently, the expansion of the corporate governance (KB) system remains relevant not only for Uzbekistan, but also for foreign companies. At the same time, at the same time as the market and market infrastructure in our country is developing, the quality of corporate governance, as well as the accuracy, correctness and condition of financial calculations become the criteria that creditors and investors manage in the choice of investment goals.

"Negaki, a market Model recognized as a pillar of interests, first of all requires a clear algorithm of calculations, their evaluation and in-depth analytical solutions.” Because, to achieve financial competitiveness and maintaining the right financial policy can be achieved by maximizing the profit of the enterprise, optimizing the capital structure and ensuring its financial stability, increasing the attractiveness of the financial position for owners, investors and creditors, making use of all the opportunities of the market environment in the formation of effective management of the enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the organization of internal audit in enterprises in the corporate governance system on the basis of international standards and requirements. Internal audit function management unit (specially structured internal structural unit) internal control of the leadership by it is carried out by ffective functioning of the system, effective use of economic resources recommendations for use are given. After all, the purpose of internal audit is the compilation of recommendations, a mandatory measure taken into account by the management.

Yüklə 29,08 Kb.

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