Imhotep and the First Pyramid

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NextextThe Ancient World - “Imhotep and the First Pyramid”

By Lynnette Brentthe ancient world

Reading Objective: S3C1PO2 Summarize the main idea and critical details of expository text, maintaining chronological or logical order.

Writing Objective: S3C3PO4 Write a formal letter that follows various letter formats: heading, inside address, salutation, body, closing, signature, printed name.

  1. Locate the selection, “Imhotep and the First Pyramid” on pages 26-34 of the Nextext book –The Ancient World.

  2. Before reading this selection, read this background information: Imhotep and the First Pyramid - Background.

  3. Read “Imhotep and the First Pyramid” to develop a better understanding of why the pyramid was built and how it illustrated what was important to Egyptian culture.

  1. Write a formal letter from the scribe to future archeologists expressing the significance of the Pyramid and inviting them to study the monument.

  2. When your letter is complete, save your work to your H:Drive (Student #) and save it in your school X:Drive folder/STUDENTS for your teacher.

  1. Now, complete the online vocabulary quiz for this chapter: Imhotep and the First Pyramid – Vocab Quiz. The answers are self-checking.

Каталог: cms -> lib2
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cms -> The Trustee Period of Colonial Georgia People and Events
cms -> Definition 0f trauma a term derived from the Greek for “wound”
cms -> Adın ilə kişin
cms -> Svaka bolest je povezana sa promenama u intersticijalnoj supstanci (ekstracelularna supstanca) jer citolpazma svake ćelije deluje kao molekularni filter
cms -> Science-English Research Paper: close reading / idea development activity
lib2 -> The toddler was abducted from his family home in East Amwell, New Jersey

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